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“Elvis“ – „The Wonder of You“ with Priscilla Presley – Budapest

Elvis in Concert  – European Tour 

Papp László – Sport Arena – Budapest

June, 6. 2018. 

Hopefully, not on my own by saying Elvis was one of the most influential and legendary cultural icons the world has ever witnessed. With music talent that knew no end, and good looks that could kill the girls, ladies.

A little do we know about Elvis Presley had a secret relationship with Sophia Loren, but find out on June, 6. 2018. when Priscilla Presley talks about Elvis the King”s Life.

The rumor that the Italian actress, Sophia Loren and king of Rock’n’Roll, Elvis Presley, are in love with each other in her fifties. Whether romance is really a scary love, or a friendship that has grown to a grave in the lives of two celebrities, little is known to this day.

The successful actress, Sophia Loren, and Elvis Presley, who was already a hero then, met for the first time in 1958 in Hollywood, Paramount Studios. The King had a dense year: he lost his mother, then went to the military to meet his later wife, Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, ten years younger. In the same year he filmed the movie King Creole (which was also directed by Michael Curtiz from Hungary), in which he played the main role. According to the reports, Sophia Loren was the one who saw Elvis at the movie’s capital and approached him and introduced herself to him.

They say there was much more to them than simple friendships. Every time Sophia Loren was filmed, at that time, on average, three films were produced on her starring, thanks to her producer and husband Carlo Ponti- who had been known overseas since 1958. They say the actress was lonely in Hollywood without her family and friends, a close friend said, trying to replace Elvis Presley’s gap in her heart.

Some rumors were told that the King was flamboyant for the sexy diva, fascinated by her humor and beauty.  They both got along like a house on fire and they had remained in love and kept in touch until this death. Many people question the existence of strange love, even in the face of their over-heated erotic images, and the King’s kiss kissing the neck of the Italian actress. It is true that Presley was harnessed with many actresses as Loren’s love life gave a constant theme to gossip.

However, Priscilla Presley is supposed to react sensitively to this day the sound of Sophia Loren’s name.

Priscilla Presley will tell stories of their relationship and commenting perhaps from the perspective of so many years the story of Sophia may be found out of the life of the King.

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