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The 12th Badacsony Region wines on the Road to Budapest!


On Saturday, April, 22. the Badacsony winemakers rub one’s hands, welcoming in preparing for the tasting of the excellent wines and those of popular wineries all around the Badacsony region. The twelfth grand tasting traditionally takes place in the New York Palace, including in the Rome Room. Wine lovers will have a chance to taste more-and-more mineral-rich wines, due to the unique minerality of the soil, the specific effects of basalt, sandstone and climate. Such is the case with the most loyal inhabitant of the Badacsony basalt hill, the Kéknyelű label.

Program: From 2 p.m. till 5 p.m. exhibitors receive professional partners and representatives of the press on an invitation basis, for whom admission is free.
Doors open to the public after 4 p.m. The exclusive tasting awaits all wine lovers.

Master Course from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. by Dr. András Csizmadia and András Wolf …The title of the master class: “Wine spirits released from volcanic bottles are looking for their worthy companions to the New York Palace for the “Badacsony Wedding”.

Advance ticket prices: Entrance ticket: 11900HUF – Student entrance ticket (with valid student card): 7900HUF.
Available for purchase online midnight till April, 21. 2023. The entrance ticket entitles to unlimited wine tasting on the spot. Combined ticket I. (admission ticket + master course ticket): 19900HUF Combined ticket II. (student ticket + master course ticket): 14900HUF.
It can be purchased online midnight till April, 21. 2023. The above tickets entitles to unlimited wine tasting and participation to the master class.

On the spot ticket prices: Adults: 13900HUF … Student ticket (with valid student ID card): 9900HUF.
Ticket price valid on the day of the event entitles to unlimited wine tasting.

Below the wine exhibitors:
Badacsony Hill: Békássy Winery – Borbély Family Winery – Domaine Edegger – Edvi Illés Badacsony – Első Magyar Borház/Szeremley Estate Kft. – Éliás Estate – Fata Cellar – Istvándy Estate and Winery – Jakab Badacsony – Kalinics Estate – Laposa Estate – Málik Cellar – MATE Viticulture and Winery Institute Badacsonyi Research Station – Németh Cellar – Pátzay Badacsony – Balázs Sike Cellar – Villa Sandahl – Weller Winery – Kisörsi Hill: Csendes Dűlő Vineyard – Folly Arboretum and Winery – Sipos Winery – Varga Winery – VáliBor – Saint George’s Hill: 2HA Vineyard and Winery – Fischer Estate – Horváth Cellar – Summer Cellar – Szászi Estate – Tóti Hill: Büttner Wine Estate – Illés Winery – Sabar Winery – Squirrel: Villa Tolnay Wine and Guest House – Von Beőthy Cellar – Ábrahámhegy: a’Capella Vineyard – Barna Winery – Red Vineyard and Wine Cellar.

Further products by exhibitors from the region: Cserpes dairy products – Folly Arboretum and Winery – FULKER L.TD. – Hotel Halászkert&Restaurant – Labdi Local Market – Szegi Family Farm – Szentkirályi Hungary – “Szépkilátó” Wine Bar – Tourinform Badacsony.

Starting sales through online from 1st. of March: . Tickets can be purchased online midnight (CET always 1H ahead of GMT) until April, 21. 2023. The above tickets entitles to unlimited wine tasting and participation to the master class.

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