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Circus artists can obtain their college degree in 2023.


Upon the latest news … The National Circus Arts Center Nonprofit Ltd., creates training courses which has launched a gap-filling initiative for circus artists. Until now, circus art was the only branch of the arts that did not offer a college-level diploma to young people interested in the branch. In 2023, the centuries-old dream of circus artists will come true,. The circus art lovers will also have the opportunity in starting their studies for a college degree. creates training courses

In the World of Circus many countries already offers a college-level degree to artists who have completed their careers in the arts. This year in Hungary, the trainings will start in September.

With the support of the Metropolitan Grand Circus, artists who wish to continue their education can start their studies in three majors. In the equestrian acrobat training, secondary school students can learn the master tricks of equestrianism, equestrian acrobatics, jigging and equestrian archery. For 3 years, they can ride the Capital City Circus’ own horses, in the circus stables. Applicants who are close to acting can master the genre of master clowns in the clown artist major. Those interested in movement can use their skills in the circus dance course.

During the training, the Metropolitan Grand Circus also provides the students with the opportunity to practice and perform, allowing them to get to know the international circus community.

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