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Theater Performance for the Visually Impaired


The musical Kőszívű – The Legend of Baradlay will be presented with audio narration for visually impaired people on May 21, 2023 at 7p.m. @ Erkel Theater – Budapest.

The performance is carried out in cooperation with the Hungarian Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MVGYOSZ), MusicalNeked Produkció (Everyone Able Association) and the Civilút Foundation – ambassador of the program is Zsófia Lengyel, visually impaired para-athlete. People with visual impairments can buy tickets for the performance at a discount, also keep in mind to help by ordering tickets for the visually impaired!

In a nurshell: The twisting, exciting and fabulous story of the three Baradlay boys, Ödön, Richárd and Jenő, and their mother in the storm of the revolution and freedom struggle of 1848/49. The musical adaptation of Mór Jókai’s novel, Kőszívű – The Baradlay legend testifies to the all-conquering brotherly and maternal love, service to the country and the power of love. The popular theater performance is now presented accessible for visually impaired people, accompanied by audio narration.

In Hungary, there are tens of thousands of visually impaired people who can only really enjoy theater performances with audio narration. At the barrier-free performance, the audio narrator “narrates” the visual messages on the stage (body language, movement), helping visually impaired spectators to have a more complete experience. Blind and visually impaired people receive the information given by the narrator through headphones or earphones, so they can enjoy the performance together with the sighted viewers. Audio narrator Cecília Szőke-Tóth ensures equal access through the Tour Guide System at the Kőszívű – A Baradlay legend performance.

“The theater experience is for everyone. That is why the invitation was in co-operation with the Hungarian National Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired and MusicalNeked Produkció. Together can make it possible for blind and partially sighted people to experience the magic of the musical was said by Réka Ruttkay – president of the Civilút Foundation. The Foundation provides the audio narrator and the Tour Guide System.

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