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Bingo – Countdown – MONYO Land, Budapest’s newest summer outdoor entertainment opening – 2021

The time has finally come into opening up brand new MONYO craft beer industry.

District X., 148. Gyömrői út (Rd.) – Budapest

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MONYO Land, Budapest’s newest summer outdoor entertainment venue for 1,500 people, in the garden of the dynamically developing MONYO Brewing Co. small-scale brewery.

One of the most modern breweries in Europe is being built there, which, in addition to multiplying MONYO’s previous cooking capacity, occasionally opens its doors to the general public. As part of the guided tours, visitors can also get to know the taste of MONYO Land, which will provide people with not only quality beers but also quality entertainment. So far, they have had a great relationship with the domestic bands, as they have already brewed beer together with Quimby or Ivan & The Parazol. These Band Beer labels are not so surprising since there are already famous bands abroad, e.g. Metalika … etc. Made beer with their band names.

In the wine industry the customer expectations in terms of flavor profiles and quality is very high, and that’s the same in the beer industry as well.

There’s a rejuvenation of beer flavours and a moving away from the standard lager-style beers and into a lot of other styles of beers. People aren’t just interested in the same old brews anymore, they’re looking for complex and unique flavors.

The real make or break of an entire tasting relies heavily on your “beertender.” You want someone knowledgeable about their beers and the industry as a whole who has a friendly and social personality. A great conversation with a beertender will create a positive experience and many lifelong customers.

The limited-edition brews having on tap will bring guests and one of the best parts of visiting a new brewery is a tasting, where they can sample everything MONYO have to offer. Thereafter, let them bring that part of the experience back to their home. On the spot special growlers or mixed-packs they can take their favorites to share with friends and family. This lets them share their tasting experience with others.

Did your friends have said it to you? Have you said it to yourself? Maybe random strangers at parties who nicked a bottle of Monyo homebrew have said it to you too? … those magic words: “MONYO beer is awesome” … Find out yourself now is the time to have that special experience at the Monyo Land brewery.

The first question you need to ask yourself is not the obvious one. If you are reading this with intent there is no need to ask yourself if you love craft beer? Of course you do and you need to ask yourself if you love the craft beer industry. Which is an entirely different kettle of hops.

MONYO Land on the venue preparing a 50-day concert program for Budapest’s entertaining audience during the summer season, focusing primarily on Friday and Saturday evenings.

In the meantime, before the concerts, the visitors can take part in an exciting main tour, and then take it to one of the most modern kraft breweries in Hungary for consumption and takeaway from the most exciting world of taste there. There are basically things in guests ’glasses that are elsewhere for fullextra: each of the draft craft beers is MONYO’s original own recipe, with the usual extravagant flavors, some of which are presented here for the first time. The gastro-bar is also high in the field of food: our co-operating partner is the team of Tuning Burger, who is like-minded and similarly maximalist with them, who not only know everything about meatballs, but also take the word hospitality seriously! Of course, all the other elements of the offer – soft drinks and other spirits – have also been selected beyond the now mandatory quality so that everyone can find something one-of-their-kind.

Hint to dates/groups forthcoming concerts @

Please note that according to the regulations, music and dance events – regardless of age – can only be attended with a security certificate or wit.

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Zsolnay Light Festival –  June, 30. – July, 2. 2017. – Pécs – Hungary

The opening concert of the Zsolnay Light Festival will be worthy to roll over to the City of Pécs and spend the dazzling three-days at the festival! At the Kodály Center sharp at 8 p.m., the British DJ and musician, Emika stepping on stage with her latest album.

The transition between classical compositions and electronic music has never been so dynamic and lively! The first albums were released by the British Ninja Tune publisher. A truly diverse musician and dj, Emika created new work. This will be a worldwide premiere at Pécs – Hungary. The symphony inspired by the electronic music solutions is alongside played by one of Hungary’s best-known symphonic ensembles, the MÁV Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra have had already performed in the most prestigious concert halls around the world. Their repertoire ranges from baroque music to contemporary, contemporary works. This time, the Artistic Director of Prague Symphony, the teacher of the Prague Conservatory and the conductor of the Hradec Králové Philharmonic Orchestra will be Miriam Němcová. The concert also includes the soprano soloist  Marie Fajtova from Prague.

The visitors can experience the breathtaking fusion of music and visuals by Emika with the symphony at the Kodály Center.

And that not all folks … worthwhile to be on the spot, because the pioneer of the genre Zsolt Bordos László, a world-famous artist, creates a unique visual world and the audience will have an unforgettable sight brought to life. The creator previously showcased 3D 3D VJ in Budapest. Already known by his large-scale building projects and 3D mapping projects. He has been working with other artists since 2010. Since 2014, he has been focusing on his own projects, which are mainly operative and theatrical installations or projected scenery. Zsolt László Bordos this time preparing for a unique showcase of indoor architectures mapping projection.

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