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Part 3. Autumn Festivals of Museums in Hungary – 2022.

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Part 3. Late afternoon continuing the our press tour, took a visit to the German Nationality Museum at Tata. The museum was  founded in 1972. The German population in Hungary is estimated at almost a quarter of a million, which is the most important ethnic group in our country. Its task and goal is to collect and present its intellectual culture nationwide. The exhibition was opened for the first time in 1973. In 1983, after becoming independent, it moved to the renovated Nepomuccenus Mill, which once operated as a water mill. The former water mill was built in 1758 based on the plans of Jakab Fellner, and was named Saint John of Nepomuk, after the patron saint of millers and those who travel by water. The facade of the building is decorated with a sculpture carved from wood. At the 500 m2 exhibition in the main building objects can be seen which are  regularly in use by domestic and foreign researchers as well as university students studying the subject. One of the museum’s main programs is the “Guest in the Museum” event. Each year, one county with national traditions presents themselves by a temporary exhibition. The museum plays an important role with young people who represent national traditions, so they can be the bridge between the generations. They can learn about the knowledge of the elders according to their own interests. However, the aim of the museum is also to open up space for the local and neighboring ethnic kindergartens and school children.  There is also introducing  the life of the museum with guided tours and gastronomic programs. The museum’s collections include products from the end of the 19th century, but most objects from the 20th century were brought to the museum by  the locals of Hungary. The majority of the collection are ethnographic objects, which here show material culture of the Germans living in today’s Hungary organized with the support of the Ethnographic Museum.

Almost ending day on our press tour, the press conference took place at the German Nationality Museum in Tata, whereas Ms. Zsófia Jakab – Deputy General Manager of marketing and communications of the Hungarian Tourist Agency, highlighted in connection with the event. “Q”: “Cultural tourism is a particularly important element among the tourism products of our country. For this purpose, 4.5 million guests arrive every year, who spend 13 million guest nights in Hungary. From the tourism point of view …  it is important to mention that those interested in the Hungarian culture is extremely important that we primarily provide high-quality hospitality within our services.”

Ms. Magdolna Nagy – Director Organizer Szabadtéri  (Open-Air) Ethnography Museum – Center for Museum Education and Methodology, spoken about the organizational background of the Autumn Festival of Museums, the antecedents of the concept created in 2022.  The museums organize programs related to culture, environmental protection, social and mental sustainability. She added, the rich programs awaiting visitors to lead their footsteps to these historical amazing sights. She mentioned, as in every year, the institutions can connect their events to given themes. In addition to the four topics retained from previous years, four other new topics adapted to the concept of the year as to provide in the opportunities. The number of museums participating in the series of events exceeded 120, and in addition to nearly 40 in the capital, almost 80 rural museums organize programs. Until November, 13.,  cca. 1000 events of more than 500 types of events is to attract visitors to the museum.

Hopefully my readers will enjoy a ride.

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