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Three days at the “Kerekdomb” Art and Culture Festival – Tállya 2016.

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Tállya arts festival during September 23 – 25.


The summer season slowly  will be turning into Fall, but won’t leave the festival lovers to layback and sit at home and just watch the walls. The invitation is not to just any place … how about joining the 3 day event to Tállya  – a very promising newcomer at the Tokaj Wine Region. For the first time to be held this year at Tállya  the “Kerekdomb” (Round Hill) Art and Culture Festival. At the press gathering these were the first words  of Krisztina Marton-Kováts – organiser of the festival held at the Garden area of the Millennium Park in Budapest.

Stepping out from the big cities noise the visitors may attend at creative excursions, wine cellar tours, wine tastings, gastronomic adventures and cultural programs by visiting Tállya from  September, 23- 25. 2016.

The festival will be rich in presenting plenty entertainment, aswell as for the sporty kinda of folks in the participating in the half-marathon run in the best Tokaj vineyards. The idea of running came from Krisztina Marton-Kováts, the owner of the Lion Wine Restaurant and Wine Hotel – Tállya. To join the half marathon, must register in advance at. http://www.kerekdombfelmaraton.hudeadline date: Midnight, September 18. 2016.

 September, 24. 2016

Kerekdomb  – Round Hill – half marathon 21.5 kms. – 10 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. 

The adults run  7km –  Mád – Tállya  – 11.30 a.m. – 12.30 a.m.

The  children race „Ludas Matyi”  (Mattie The Goose-Boy)   – 700m – 10.30 a.m. – 11.a.m.

A little literature at writer-reader meeting. Visiting the wine cellars on the spot, music of all kind … pop, jazz, classic you name it. For those who wish to care a bit of their body, each day from 8-9 a.m. may join the “Morning Joga” exercises and much more. There will be a fund-raising concert to implement an organa at the local church. At the Jazz Concert the well-known Veronika Harcsa accompanied by the Diamond Valentine duo will entertain the audience. The small ones are not left out  having plenty of children activities

The organizers main aim to hold a festival at this wine region is to  bring attention to the wine makers of  Tállya and their wines. These two-hand  hard-working wine makers restored the old original form, the traditional methods in producing wines and wish to show Tállya’s true characteristic and to introduce the village to the audience.

The 3 days festival ends with dinner tuned to the Tállya wines at the Hotel Lion Wine-Restaurant and Wine Hotel.

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