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Andrea Bocelli returning to Budapest – Hungary – 2015


Papp László Sportaréna Budapest

District, XIV., 2.  Stefánia Road –  Budapest

Andrea Bocelli is a widely popular singer with a substantial fan base worldwide, and it is neither stated otherwise in Hungary to the Hungarian audience. This autumn Bocelli after two years returning to give a one-night concert in Budapest – Hungary.

Bocelli became a singer who roam and create genius, classical music and popular music in the world capable of new areas. After two years, on  Sunday, November, 22. 2015., sharp 7 p.m. at the Papp László Budapest Sports Arena again the audience may meet the unique Bocelli’s voice!

The biggest Tenon of to-day has sold more than 80 million albums. He is also songwriter and record producer. Every year, a new album comes up with an album of classical and pop songs at his concert. This year, well-known Italian pop songs and Advent songs will be included in the program.  Master Bocelli in January this year published his 14th album, title: Passione and  already worldwide highly succesful. The album contains the most beautiful love songs with celebrity artists like Jennifer Lopez, Nelly Furtado, and the trumpet virtuoso Chris Bott.

At the concert the Hungarian symphony orchester conducted by Marcello Rota of 80 persons and comprising 30 members chorus will be accompanied Andrea Bocelli.

Cetainly a memorable catchy  passionate tune:

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