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Dates:  September,19-21.2014.

Venue: Vajdahunyad Castle at th City Park – Budapest


The time has come to visit the First Fish and Wild Game Meat Festival in Budapest whereas  an opportunity comes to the doorstep for visitors to taste the different regions seasoning of the  famous Hungaricum  – Fish Soup and other fish delights from the region of Hungary. The Carpathian Basin is still among the richest regions of  wild  game meat of wildlife in Europe. These wild game meat specialities as the pheasant , rabbit, venison, wild boar,  deer  will be cooked on the spot and worthwhile to taste if not all of them in one day then go back the next day and continue having more unique samples which  for many might not have at a regular daily meals.

Here in the coming three days go for it, see and learn how to cook a real Hungarian Fish Soup, but that is not all to gain during the 3-days. Beside the food of plenty, the professional craft breweries brought domestic and international beers, so need not have to go on a hunt to reach a pint of  a smooth beer of a kind to follow-up to pleasantly rinse the throat, of what else than a nice cold fresh craft beer, but if some like it hot, then may go for a shot of homemade Pálinka or go for the Hungarian wines to ease the thirst.

Outlining a couple of craft beers that brought attention … first of all the Kentucky brand as a beer caught the attention for many and stopped by the stand to taste what is it like, cause for many the Kentucky name is connected to the world-famous whiskies.  This year for the first time to arrive to Budapest’s attending at the Fish and Wild Game Meat Festival (also can be visited at the  Főzedefeszt – Street Food Fair on the Andrássy Boulevard) the home town of whiskiers at Kentucky.  Found out from the twin young ladies at the stand the following … the Alltech Lexington Brewery and Distilling Co. produce craft beers are in barrels and bottles. On the spot the visitors could have a taste draft beer on the tap of Kentucky Ale and the Kentucky IPA.  Bottled ones were out on display: Bourbon Barrel Ale, Kentucky Ale, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Stout, Kentucky IPA and the Kentucky Kölsch. Once tasted the Alltech beers most probably  the true beer lovers will like what they have tasted. Just in brief a few words about the Alltech’s beer. Developed in 2000 by Irish entrepreneur Dr. Pearse Lyons – founder and president of Alltech. To-day become the brewery’s flagship brew, capitalizing on the brewery’s proximity to fresh Kentucky bourbon barrels. The unique barrel-aged seasonal series  and  has collected numerous awards. In 2012., the company became part of the world-renowned Kentucky Bourbon Trail® with the opening of its Town Branch Distillery, which crafts Town Branch® Bourbon, Town Branch® Rye, Pearse Lyons Reserve® malt whiskey Bluegrass Sundown® and  bourbon-infused coffee liqueur… now I bet this sounds already mouthwatering for the beer lovers.

The Original Paulaner arriving from Munich had a grand stand  and the Bavarian beer is already well-known by the Hungarians and foreigners from all over Europe  and foreigners visiting, staying in Budapest. The Hungarian fruity beer flavors  became rather popular by the young adults and many homemade beers produced with fresh fruits from the regions of Hungary.

For kids to make their day, hills of sweets and candies,  stands of toys, ice-cream, candyfloss and to learn about wild animals in the forest are booklets and lectures. Probably the most fun they had been riding the ponies. For young and elder folks  having timeout at the Flee Market  is a place where the  clock’s hand run faster than you can.

Summing up one of the days adventures at the 1. Fish and Wild Game Meat Festival, visitors to be coming out to the venue should not go on by, passing the Kentucky stand without tasting there the  heavenly beer.  Not really a beer lover, yet  by tasting, got me some of Kentucky craft beers for the rainy days … and as the old songs says … “I can’t stop loving you, its useless to say…”  Hurray Kentucky Beers to arrive to Budapest!

Update  and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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Week-end on September, 20. -21. 2014. Budapest.

GEAR UP … bring your passion, bring your fun, bring your interest, bring your curiosity.

It is going to be two of your best days in your life!

This Fall the gathering was on the week-end when the city was splashed around with festivals, fairs, shows, free Museum Night event, international gallop race. Pretty hard to choose where to join the party, but for those interested in food and much wish to go for drinks ended up at the Andrássy Blvd.
They could visit, taste and buy their taste of Craft Beers at local and foreigner’s pavilions.

Budapest held its annual FŐZDEFESZTStreet Food Fair throughout the entirety  at  the Andrássy  Blvd. and thanks to the European Mobility Week it was a car-free day. An invitation beside food-food-food, also pavilions awaiting visitors to go for the taste of their best craft beers of the new distilleries, dozens specialty beers here for the first time, 30 stands of local and international food vendors with exotic and homemade  food were in competition to reach as much attention by grabbing the hungry eyes.

Throughout the two-day, the visitors rolling along the Boulevard  enjoyed the hustle and bustle hanging around  at the beer pavilions. Indeed the FŐZDEFESZT –  Street Food Show  has become our country’s largest culinary festival and no surprise anymore to be in the groove of the cacophony of Babel hearing so many foreigners enjoying their time and place in Budapest. Taking advantage of the location of the Főzdefeszt, a short ballet presentation was introduced  by the artists of the forthcoming ballet  at the National Opera House. Welcoming words greeted  the audience  by the director and invitation to the forthcoming  performance of the Trojan Games  ballet .

Busy hands welcomed as an old friend at the Mullet Beer pavilion.  The largest Hungarian beer punk Armando, the Brew Studios  Krisztina Zsoldos brewed the Dirty Saison  with great pride and told the visitors in between waiting for their beers … it is an interpretations, of  the old agricultural roots going back to the style of ancient evokes the spontaneity of three and four of hops  – yeast. Also the Gateshead Lados Brewery has long been hiding in the local interest  was present and the Caledonia Scottish Belhaven beers on tap were their for the thirsty beer lovers.

From Transylvania arrived to introduce the taste to the Cluj Clausenburger artisanal beers, liquors and the Salvator’s hunters bringing to taste the bearfoot meat.

No admission fee was needed this time and at the same time everyone could vote on their favorite craft beer.

Good beer and good food equal to and as fundamental democracy!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter