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The Memorial Concert of  Vilmos (William) Jávori does not only stand for his son, but for endless number of local and abroad living jazz lovers. A tribute to a man who has been the development of Hungarian music scene as one of the biggest driving force.

The concert will be at the Palace of Arts in the Bartók Béla National Concert Hall

7.30 p.m. Thursday, October, 24. 2013.

The memory album  was released by the support of the Palace of Arts and the Hungarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra. The event is under the patronage of L. Laszló Simon, culture and media committee of the National Assembly president and vice president of the National Cultural Fund.

David, son of Vilmos (William) Jávori wrote in memory a tribute album to his father, titled “Mi Padre  – We Padre”. The melodies all are rich in twirls of emotions. At the La Padre concert will be performing a 45 member of the HUngarian Military Band along with twenty virtuoso musicians. Gyula Bodrogi, actor will be singing with the jazz band. Mi Padre is not just an other come along concert … no way, this is a one-time concert with  Hungary’s best-of-.the-best musicians who once were together playing on stage with Vilmos (William) Jávori. Also students from the Academy where he taught, other childhood buddies and last but not least musicians will be coming from abroad with whom he also played. On this occasion a CD will be released with  the compositions of David Jávori. This CD won’t have to be recommended after being present, hearing the concert at the MŰPA -The Palace of Arts, the best concert hall in Budapest.

Vilmos (William) Jávori,  left his music talent mark on the  movie theme song he composed for Mephisto, the Oscar-winning film by István Szabó.  and he  also received several other award in his lifetime and  one of them was the Emerton award.

Javori’s name is associated with the first Hungarian victory abroad at the Montreux Jazz Festival playing of a quartet with worldwide known Hungarian jazz musicians, as Béla Szakcsi LakatosRudolf Tomsits (RIP) and Aladár Pege (RIP).

Károly Horváth,  Franz Liszt Prize-award singer, an artist known as Charlie who is at home singing rock, jazz, blues, soul and funk. He is a typically raucous performer. Way back beside  singing he also played on the trumpet and now bringing back the old days,  time has come to grab his trumpet, as for now nothing will come in between to stop him to play on the trumpet,  so he said. Mentioned, he and Vilmos actually grew up together and spent a lot of time as buddies  grooving around to jazz club in Hungary.  He was honored when the call came from David to be on stage at the Memory Concert. He will take the Blues, but won’t be blue!

Beside being on tour and playing with the blues buddies, he was deeply fond of teaching. His students, such as Roland Balogh, Dávid Hodek, and Péter Kaszás and Roland Balogh are now-a-days throughout the world recognised as successful jazz musicians. There he was at the Academy of Music to pave the road in the pop and jazz musicland for László Balog, András Mohay, László Balog, Gábor Oláh just mentioning a couple of his pupil.

The CD and the concert audio material  is composed by William Jávori’s son David  Jávori,which includes Hungarian folk music, Spanish Flamenco, Cuban salsa songs, rumba, jazz and classical music mixed with presents to the audience for this unique concert, whereas domestic and international musical elite of the leading occur. The whole concert will be broadcasted through the French Mezzo TV, the ETV – Spain TV , MTVA – Hungarian TV. The clips were taken at the Parliament Building (Hungary).

The evening’s concert special guest will be Benito Gonzalez, who is a member of the Kenny Garrett band. His name is well-known in the jazz land, as one of the greatest jazz pianists in the world.

Hope readers won’t mind, if the list of the approx. 240 names of artists will not be printed here, but they will all be during the concert on stage, so it is up to anyone to go for it and see, hear the  concert for themselves.

Yes indeed, worthwhile to reserve a seat to this unique cultural evening where the superb musicians will gather in a lineup that has never before happen. Experience the awesome sound along with the emotional style of playing artists whose veins from head-to-toe are full of music. This will be a night to cherish the love of a grand musician who has gone ahead, and if Vilmos (William) is looking down seeing his sons and the huge family of jazz musicians playing in memory of him, then surely his soul will shine to see, he left experiences to and for talented generation to come.

Also a full night of delights not just for the eyes, ears but everything the heart desires  …  3in1 … tickets to the concert … “Mi Padre – We Padre” CD and an invitation to the dinner following the concert (price:  24900HUF.)

Tickets can be purchased at the ticket desk at the Palace of Arts.

Prices: 2900HUF, 4900HUF, 7900HUF, 11900HUF, 24900HUF

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter