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Carrera Store opened Mini Ring – Budapest – 2015.

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 Carrera Store  – Duna Plaza – Budapest

Carrera has the country’s longest indoor to scale indoor racing circuit!

On Tuesday, arrived to the Carrera Store at the Duna Plaza – Budapest to the Groupama „Tanpálya” – „Learners scenario” where an opening ceremony took place. Children were also invited to measure their knowledge with Hungary’ most favorite, popular two speed-motor racers Norbert Michelisz and Norbert Kiss by taking a spin around at the country’s biggest scaled racing track.

At the ceremonial opening was present Zsolt Gyulay – President and CEO of Hungaroring Sport Ltd. who cut the tricolor ribbon, together with Julia Gazsi – Chief Operating Officer and the”Learner’s scenero”  – managing director along with the two excellent speed-motor drivers.  The CEO also spoke about the promotions that already began with ticket sales to 2016 – Hungaroring.

The Hungaroring from year-to-year is hosting more- and-more prestigious international competition and each year learning to become more popular, they saw the need to established the “Tanpálya” – „Learners scerio” service.

Their  ongoing service being quite a bite far in distance  for almost three years, they saw it necessary to open a point within easy to reach in Budapest. Therefore, established the at the Carrera at the pit lane a Mini Ring . It serves for the purpose for children to be able to have those circumstances as at real life – public trasportations, and of course to enjoy learn playfully the most secure way to move around and about on the street and roads.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


Formula1 celebrates its 30 years present in Hungary with 30 popular musicians!

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Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix  – 2015

Still to come 38 days!

July, 24 – 26 – 2015.

Many may be aware … but as a refresher, in brief about the Hungaroring! It was built almost three decades ago as a rarity, the first one beyond the Iron Curtain and now it is still special as the 3rd. behind Monte-Carlo and Monza to have continuously featured in the year’s race calendar.  The racing circus  at Mogyoród is preparing a superb event this year on its  30th anniversary of the Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix. To this forthcoming occasion the organizer staff have been planning a jubilee concert as to pay homage to its history of the three decades Hungarian Formula 1. with special additional programs Formula 1 fans and … an awesome Jubilee concert!

At the end of Friday’s free practice within the collaboration Hungary’s well-known, best musicians, singers and groups will entertain the audience. These musicians were selected by the organizer staff, which was not at all an easy task to make the final decision to bring on stage on this special occasion. Finally, the 30 Hungarian individuals in the music business were chosen, which was a tough job, when you consider how many extraordinary good musicians are in Hungary. Finally the selection was made, so those interested in the Formula1 Circus will receive an extra gift added to the 30 jubilee as  to see  the well-known musician  and hear several music styles, pops-on-the pops presented by a short concert.

At the press conference of to-day at the Hard Rock Cafe – Budapest, was revealed by the huge number of stars showing up,  to talk about their own connection to the sport cars and the Hungaroring Formula1.  Most of them have only been watching the circus through TV. Some been out at the Hungaroring as spectators and for some will be the first time to be at the race.

So after an extraordinary exciting day, when the sun goes down you can relax next by listening to concerts. Who will be the performers? … the list is long, so see the performers names rolling in the side-show. Most probably, all the visitors will find Taste-of- Their-Own-Music.

Nine Days to come –

June, 27-28. 2015

The Ferrari Racing Days …  be ready for the greatest event in the region …  will be a kind of gearing up in its involvement to race in the F1. by Sebastian Vettel.

There will be new types of tickets issued in the Hungarian Grand Prix and  for the Ferrari Racing Days.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter