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Carrera Store opened Mini Ring – Budapest – 2015.

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 Carrera Store  – Duna Plaza – Budapest

Carrera has the country’s longest indoor to scale indoor racing circuit!

On Tuesday, arrived to the Carrera Store at the Duna Plaza – Budapest to the Groupama „Tanpálya” – „Learners scenario” where an opening ceremony took place. Children were also invited to measure their knowledge with Hungary’ most favorite, popular two speed-motor racers Norbert Michelisz and Norbert Kiss by taking a spin around at the country’s biggest scaled racing track.

At the ceremonial opening was present Zsolt Gyulay – President and CEO of Hungaroring Sport Ltd. who cut the tricolor ribbon, together with Julia Gazsi – Chief Operating Officer and the”Learner’s scenero”  – managing director along with the two excellent speed-motor drivers.  The CEO also spoke about the promotions that already began with ticket sales to 2016 – Hungaroring.

The Hungaroring from year-to-year is hosting more- and-more prestigious international competition and each year learning to become more popular, they saw the need to established the “Tanpálya” – „Learners scerio” service.

Their  ongoing service being quite a bite far in distance  for almost three years, they saw it necessary to open a point within easy to reach in Budapest. Therefore, established the at the Carrera at the pit lane a Mini Ring . It serves for the purpose for children to be able to have those circumstances as at real life – public trasportations, and of course to enjoy learn playfully the most secure way to move around and about on the street and roads.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter