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A  summary update concerning „The End” of the 7th Hungarian Flavors Fair. Twelve thousand people visited the cheese fair, where hundreds-and-hundreds of cheese and other products for connoisseurs was to taste and shop. The 300 kgs. record cheese was somehow the main star of the event and by the end of the fair not a single piece of the mass of cheese remained. Not only was out to taste by the people who exchanged tickets for the cheese fair, but anyone who entered the lobby at the Millennium could have a bite.  Hungary not just the recommended consumption is behind  for children, but is pretty low within the adults daily meals. The average annual Hungarian only has 152 liters of milk, or eat dairy products, which is unfortunately a significant fact and below the European average. Over the past four years the milk production and the domestic herd has been extended to 10% .  Last year, Hungary imported 43% less milk, thanks to the Hungarian dairy products.

During the two-days Cheese Fair  more than 200 craft and small farmer producers had their debut. Around 80,000 visitors turned put. One of the most authoritative trade fair with having the atmosphere like being at a huge Sunday family gathering. Having a wonderful chat between the long-non-seen producers who are regularly coming along to the Hungarian Flavors events.

Now a couple of  thoughts about the exhibitors that met my eye … Katalin Török not the first time to come over from Ada – Serbia to be at their disposal for the customers. Katalin and Árpád Török are  probably one of the most competent producer at this event. Both are like the pages in the lexicon … knowledgeable experts of their products. It is no coincidence that their customers are returning each Hungarian Flavors Fair to purchase their favorite products. They are the only one who deliver to their Hungarian visitors to the fair the blackberry wine vinegar. Believe it or not it acts like a miracle drug.They say the world’s most powerful fat-eater and why would they say so, if it doesn’t work. Katalin says, she consume one bottle (one liter) per year and feels dropping years way behind herself. The fruit vinegar drinking cure is not today’s invention. It was a long time ago discovered how beneficial effect on the body and soul alike. Their homemade quince jelly, jams and fruit juices are pure taste of heaven. Serbia hosts the “Ajvár” and Hungarians love its special flavor. The “Ajvár” is a Southern flavor from the authentic Serbia. Slightly smoky, mildly spicy, contains very rich flavors, also has a beautiful reddish color. Consonants are not measurable Balkan temperament united in the glass which surely spice up your dishes. It is also called “Zakuszka” which is a traditional Balkan delicacy.

The chimney cake – doughnut wasn’t missing and even though the fair was all about cheese everywhere, the „Kürccsi Ltd.” was very popular among kids and adults visiting the booth. Some folks would say, what a stupid way of thinking, but I believe no matter what type, kind of food is prepared the main „ingredient” is to have been prepared with full love. Here is a glance at their site in English language:

Another newcomer at the fair was the products of the Hippocratic family. The „Manna Racks Bt. product is a bar packed of organically grown grains and is purely full of vitamins and minerals. It isn’t a medicine bar, a simple and extremely healthy dietary supplement without any side-effects. Some bars do not get into your favorite taste, but within these products the flavor is simply marvelous, not to mention it feeds our well-being. What is not included … added sugar, preservatives, coloring, and other property-improving chemical toxins. Here is an info which may not be new for some folks … here it goes anyway: Albert Szent-Györgyi, after his wife and daughter suffered from cancer, germinated wheat and saw great potential in overcoming the disease. Concurring his observation the Manna established MANNARAX dietary supplement, and in honor to the scientist it was named  after him … Szent-György powder ... is sprouted grains bio-based dietary supplement. Who is Albert Szent-Györgyi was a Hungarian physiologist who won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1937. He is credited with discovering Vitamin C and the components and reactions of the citric acid cycle.”  Now if needed or not and someone missed to taste-shop this food of gold, hopefully next time at the Hungarian Flavors Fair the producer’s representatives will be present.

Many have had heard the name of the place and brand called „Tokaj”. Here at the fair debuted the Tokaj-Hegyalja manufactory which is more than a simple brandy factory. The first-class brandy used as a basis for the preparation of high-quality liquor, which includes fresh fruit and added spices. They prepare Special liqueurs, artisan delicacies prepared. Liqueurs and brandy manufacture Tokaj received a wide range of fair … after this nectar over a brandy.

Szabolcs Fülöp originally pastor – cheese maker – from Székeydálya – Transylvania had a wide selection of delicious goat, cow, bull, buffalo cheese and buffalo yoghurt and dairy products  which were very yummy and delightful to have met.

At the closing ceremony the most votes collected for their products by the visitors were called on the stage and was given the award for their products by the fair’s  organizer. (See the awarded at the  slide-show) The organizers rolled in a 150 piece of a slice cake and offered a glass of champagne to express their  thanks to the dedicated work of the producers. Also those shoppers who remained at this small celebration  were invited to join them.
At the closing ceremony the most votes collected for their products by the visitors were called on the stage and was given the award for their products by the fair’s  organizer.  The organizers rolled in a 150 piece of a slice cake and offered a glass of champagne to express their  thanks to the dedicated work of the producers. Also those shoppers who remained at this small celebration  were invited to join them.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter


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The press conference was opened by Krisztian Papp – main organizer saying the 7th Hungarian Flavors Fair will be this time a  two-day fair between March 29-30. at the usual place the Millennium Hall B. The central theme of this year will be the high-quality crafts, dairy products and cheese products. On this occasion, the organizers have prepared the country’s largest cheese having 150 cow’s fresh milk of 2,820 liters to  “build”  by the leadership of  cheese-maker Mr.  Nárcisz Mircz. The first slice a 20 kgs.  piece was given to one of the district’s kindergarten children. But for those visiting the fair will receive a sample to taste beside the ticket.

Krisztian Papp – main organizer summed up the goal of the Hungarian Flavors Fair by saying: Quote: “We created the Craft Hungarian Flavours Fair, to popularize the Hungarian producers, tastes, and thus support the Hungarian economy. Every year, approximately 550 billion spent HUF Hungary raw food, which is only a fraction of Hungarian products. Therefore, the greater part of this money to remain in the domestic economy, and we began to organize a series of Craft Hungarian Flavours Fair in Hungary in order to promote the products and producers. Over the past four purchasing a total of 150 exhibitors allowed to show your products to approximately 60,000 guests.  Just like at the previous fairs our country’s traditions faithfully was represented by 150 small farmers and now 30 cheese masters, using 72 thousand liters of milk, approximately 6000 kg of cheese and wide range of dairy products will be out for the visitors to taste and purchase at the Fair.

We were also told that the organizers aim is to show how to use the milk within many different colorful stage programs. The visitors may learn about including churning, good quality curd and  the “túrórudi” –  sweet cottage cheese covered with dark chocolate –  preparation. In addition, learn about the various kitchen handy practical recipe ideas, which can help in the preparation of high-quality artisan cheeses for cheese food lovers.

Take a trip to a real culinary event traditional dairy products, cheese products, authentic homemade cheeses, and homemade crafts.

During the two days fair numerous colorful program will welcome the visitors and as to the priority programs Borjour Zenit, will hold at its booth a separate gallery to taste your way through the native Hungarian sparkling wine. Also others valuable prizes awaiting for the visitors, as Gere winery has a two-person, two-days spa package to win to the Crocus Gere Bor Hotel, which will be raffle among the visitors at the Hungarian Flavours on the last day of the Fair.

Moreover, among those who register at the Útisúgó booth at every hours may win a bottle of wine and to be drawn up by the organizers for the weekend jackpot which will be a stay for 3 day – 2 nights, half board at the Hétkúti Wellness Hotel.  The Fair awaits the cheese lovers to show up to get to know more-and-more about the 72 thousand liters of milk producers

The organizers were happy to spread the news to say the Craft Hungarian Flavours Fair has been held six occasion, whereas nearly 200 small farmers and artisan producers debuted so far. The events were visited by 78,000 individuals and the initiative of 500 million HUF has flowed back into the Hungarian economy.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter