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Hope all had a splendid season holiday and are back on the track to their daily lives.

There is so much time, many occasions for your small ones to stay small by visiting the Grand land of Circus!

January 9 and 13. 2014.

Venue: District XIV., 12/a Állatkerti Blvd.  Budapest

Purchasing tickets on the spot or through:

“World-renowned artists, winning international productions and the cream of the circus world are hosted at the Grand Circus of Budapest. The event is not only looking forward with great interest by the public, but the professional individuals  as these shows are often visited personally by directors, managers from the world’s most famous circus. The professionals may see and measure the direction in developing  the circus as performing arts. Also, out of competition will be the Swiss Kris Kremo, the festival’s guest of honor, one of the best known “gentleman” juggler for the first time arriving to Hungary.” … these were the opening thoughts by Zsigmond Kriza – Director of the Hungarian Circus and Variety at the press call on Tuesday, January, 7. 2014.

The Budapest’s Circus Festival has reached its 10th anniversary and today it is considered to be in the well deserved place of the world of Circus Festivals. It stands within the 5th place in the row of the top Monte Carlo Circus Festival, which is seen as the world’s most prestigious festival venue. The Capital’s Circus has become a real Hungarian cultural festival brand which is held every second year with great success. The anniversary year offers superb programs than ever. Finest artist’s representing nearly 20 countries who will fill the arena with 30 productions, arriving from Australia, United States of America, Spain, Russia, Italy, Canada, China, Cuba, Ukrainian …  just mentioning a few. The 4 day show brings all the protean style circus genre, the group numbers and spectacular artistic acrobatic figures, animal figures and comic productions which will keep eyes wide open and holding back the happy tears of the audience no matter of age.

The 30 performances is divided into two different shows, presented throughout six shows. The audience may choose to visit the “A” or “B” show or both as well. “A” goes on Thursday, January 9. at 7 p.m. and Sunday, January, 12. 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. “B” goes on Friday, January, 10 at 7  p.m. and Saturday, January, 11 at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Foreigners at the International Festival …  Twelve youngsters from Chine, the Qingdao acrobat group bringing more than 4000 years alive of the Chinese circus arts. They have had set up an eye-catching, superb foot juggling show and previously won  several prizes not only in Chine but at other foreigner countries. The Duo Azelle ladies on trapeze from Canada, the Lisandra Sanchez Cross aerialists from Cuba, the Merrylu Casselly, René Casselly Jr. fantastic elephant show coming from Germany. Seen a short demo of the Acrobatic Comical Act by 4 members of the Ukrainian group, balancing and throwing acrobatic acts. Time for one more to mention performing at the „B” show … The Messoudis, performing in the hand-to-hand act arriving from Downunder.

Sure, not on my own by saying a the perfect day at the circus cannot be achieved without the main stars … the CLOWNS, who are favorites of all „All age”. As it was long ago said by Charlie Chaplin …”A day without laughter is a day wasted”. During and after the press gathering, Tom Dougherty from USA and Pepe Silva from Spain entertained the press individuals, but they were not alone „Lucy” aged 6 was with them. At first thought received  the name after „Lucy in the sky with dimonds”… naa wasn’t right, cause as Tom told me actually named after „Lucy Ball”. Many may know and remember the greatest classy lady clown in the world casting “I Love Lucy”! To know more about „Lucy” have to go and see her! As it is said … a bit differently …”Beside a successful male, there is always a „female”.  In brief  Tom and Pepe met each other in the States at the Ringling Circus in 2010. Since forming the duo clown act they have won a silver award at the Intern’l Circus Festival in Hanoi. Tom was awarded the Felix Adler prize for the Best Solo Clown Act in 2007.

Hungarians at the International  Festival … At the jubilee festival contemporary and classical circus trends greatest Hungarian representatives compete for the festival’s brightest shining prize. So far, at these festivals has never won a Hungarian artist, but for right now … keeping fingers crossed …  there is every chance out for  László Simet with his unique giant high wire … death wheel – semaphore show. He is the star in the Cirque du Soleil, also held an awesome performance at the London Olympics closing ceremony. He performed several major festivals winning awards in China’s Wuhan and Grenoble. Another artist team to be watched carefully is the Hungarian Richter group from Hungary. Jr. József Richter, the youngest circus director of the world. Surely will fascinate the audience with the group’s horse performance. The equestrian acrobat group showing classical traditions by representing the old star worthy level of the Richter Group. The young Hungarian acrobats will be also among the secret favorites at the festival.

The circus festival of international jury experts will evaluate the performance. So according to tradition, the international jury watch the production as a contestants, show. The members of the Jury are from the world’s major circus and varietyland: The jury will be chaired by Fredi Knie, Director of the Knie Swiss National Circus,  Franz Czeisler – Circus Tihany Spectacular President/Mexico,  Farzana Khalilov – Rosgoscirk Circus/Russia, Henk van der Meijden – Stardust Circus International/Netherlands, Jeanette Williams – Entertainment and Circus Agency/USA, Helmuth Grosscurth – Managing Director, ECA/Germany, Vinicio Murillo – Feld Entertainment, Inc Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey/United States, Francesco Bouglione – Cirque d’hiver Bouglione Paris/ France, Hou Quang – Tianjin Acrobatic Troupe/China, Gábor Donner – circus artist/Hungary.  The Festival will hold a spectacular gala program at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. with its traditional gala awards ceremony on January, 13. 2014. The Special Awards awaiting for the Best-of-Bests: The media Special Jury Award, The European Circus Association (ECA) special award, Special Prize of the Hungarian Association of Artists, Special Prize of the German Circus Friends, The Cirque du Soleil special prize. These will be the special award for artists with special talent in the world of Circusville!

The  Hungarian artists would be able to show themselves to the world, given its own track, titled

“Dream of a circus.” 

This production will occur only in Hungarian and Hungarian artists.

There would be so many artists and groups to list at this update, but would take pretty much time to have them listed. So better to go see for personally. Purchase a ticket or two … „A” or „B” show … or for both … during the 4 days festival.  Grab a seat to have a splendid time with family, friends, buddies at the Budapest’s 10th International Circus Festival.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter