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Herald News …The Real Gospel Spirit is Back in Budapest – 2015.

2012 The Golden Voices Of Gospel @ Stadthalle Speyer Mehr Fotos


Hear, see, experience the real gospel spirit and be prepared to have often goosebumps!

Budapest Congress Center – 7 p.m. – Monday, December, 28. 2015.

District, XII., 1-3 Jagelló Road – Budapest

Even though the concert will be held after Xmas, never-the-less, at the GOLDEN VOICES OF GOSPEL concert will bring real loving messages and songs to enjoy by the audience. Beside God’s praise will bring superb feeling of the African-American feast of joy. Higher”  … “Walk in the Light”.

The GOLDEN VOICES OF GOSPEL, conceived, conducted and directed by Reverend DWIGHT ROBSON, is from St. Louis, USA, and is known European-wide for his acclaimed tours of „Golden Gospel Pearls” and „Golden Gospel Singers”.  Music style has no boarders … As a successful singer and musician, he has worked with among others … Michael Jackson ( awesome joint production: …  also with Mariah Carey, Joan Orleans and the Weather Girls.

Further, he has had music chart hits of his own excellently received cover interpretations of “I Want To Know What Love Is” – Foreigner or  Shakles  –   Praise You  – Mary Mary.

Since March, 2001, he as well as other members of The GOLDEN VOICES OF GOSPEL have been performing in association with Walt Disney Inc. for a very special presentation of “The Lion King”. He was the star guest at the „Gospel Award 2005” – live TV Show in Berlin and is the musical director of annual “New Orleans Jazz Festivals” – Luxemburg and Austria.

Coming back to the evening show … the performers will take you along not only through the uplifting and powerful world of southern spirituals and traditionals, but also through more familiar ever-loved gospel songs. This unification of honest sensibility and inspiration giving their very personal and unique out reach to the audience, with the riveting insight into the authentic  joy-of-life … truly lived faith and religion.

The vocal range and variety of the repertoire of The GOLDEN VOICES OF GOSPEL is matched by the equally impressive piano, bass, drum and percussion accompaniment which reveals and celebrates throughout each performance. GOLDEN VOICES OF GOSPEL present a combination of the form and content of the African-American church service and a Black Gospel sing-along. A fascinating and inspirational experience for family and friends to gather and feel the music in their veins. It will be a kinda as being at a real African-American church service, that for many only seen through TV, video or other media channels.  To know more about the roots of contemporary American music, from cool jazz to driving rock be quicky and book your seats because they may soon run out!

Here are two teaser to bring the mood … …

Unfortunately,   the online tickets to be ordered are still having only the sites in Hungarian language … good luck!

Never-the-less … can be purchased, even aready on the spot at Budapest Congress Center.


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