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Salvador Dali – “In the footsteps of immortality” – art portrait film @ Budapest

Who would else think of an artist behind the extravagant mustache than Salvador Dali, the man who is listed among the greatest masters of art!?!

The next part of the artistic series of the Temples of Art is headed by the master of surrealism. The life of one of the most strange creators of art history can be seen in the film with the several experts.

Salvador Dalí and his muse-creator, Gala, lead the audience through his life and art. The comprehensive art portrait film, from 1929 onwards, tracks Dalí’s career – when he joined the surrealist, and in the same year when became familiar with Gala – until his death, on January, 23. 1989.

Salvador Dali – “In the footsteps of immortality” art portrait film – Urania National Film Theater

The Urania National Film Theater will  be premiere on January, 24. 2019.

Salvador Dalí– In the footsteps of immortality. 

The 105-minute film screened in original (English, Spanish) with Hungarian subtitles,directed by David Pujol.  Movie. Beside the capital screening there will be  a number of other cinemas location across the country. Viewers over 12 years of age.

The Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation film carries out all the places that have played a prominent role in the artist’s life, including Portlligat – the only self-owned workshop and home, Figuerest – at his hometown, where he created the Dalí Museum, and at Pubol, where he had the castle which he gave to Gala as a sign of Dalí’s love, and also showing Paris and New York, where he had major exhibitions.

The series are brought to Hungary by Pannonia Entertainment Ltd.

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