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FLASHNEWS: 3 in 1 breathtaking production – Italian Cultural Institution – Budapest

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Monday – 7 p.m.  –  March, 16. 2015.

Italian Cultural Institute  – Budapest – Giuseppe Verdi Club.

District, VIII., 8 Bródy Sándor Street

The performance is organized by the Italian Cultural Institute.

To-night an unforgettable show will  take  organized by  the Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest, within the 2015 series of programs. This evening  first  shoots off  with Talents in the spotlight … Respire! … CIE Circoncentrique – circus troupe!   Performers:  Alessandro Maida –  the lord of balls  a.k.a. Scarful Italian nationality and  Maxime Pythoud  – the Lord of the Ring , Swiss decent . The music composer  and playing on the piano will be  Lea Petrasso from Argentina.

Alessandro and Maxime met in Brussels at the all’Ecole Superieur des Arts du Cirque, where they decided to continue their  circus training, studies in their countries of origin. Alessandro, at the FLIC the Scuola di Circo di  – Torino.  Maxime at the École de cirque de  –  Nyon “elastique Citrique”.

As Alessandro Maida  said: “We like to think of the body as a possible and the impossible game”. Alessandro Maida and Maxime Pythoud are practicing together for over three years, and developing in complicating each other.

The Respire! … is an exciting and entertaining performance. The main „protagonist” is the Roue Cyr, and balls, manipulation and balance, circularity in the spirit of the movement, and acrobatic portraits in motion.

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