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Džiugas Cheese from Lithuania @ Buda Castle Wine Festival – Budapest 2022.

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This years the 4 days Wine Festival on the hilly side Budapest upon the Buda Castle area a fine time to enjoy the mouthwatering Hungarian and American wines.  As entering to the venue had a glance at the stand of the Džiugas cheese and was invited to taste samples of their 12 months – mild, piquant – 18 months, delicante – 24 months, gourmet – 36 months organic cheeses. Was told that the cheeses are from the best orgnic farms and valuable summer milk! They do not use preservatives, are lactose-free, and can be consumed by vegetarians. It is extremely rich in calcium. The cows at the organic farms freely graze the pastures surrounding by the stream and hills of Samogitia. The cheeses aging of the presses takes place alongside classical music, and  by the vibration of the music enhance the maturation the world of rich taste even more. Was also told the 12 and the 18th months aged cheese can be purchased at several food stored in Hungary.
The origin of the name of cheese is in the Samogitian legend that says … The Džiugas was a giant and a strong warrior, who lived in Samogitia in the old days and protected it against invaders. This could have been the end of the story, but once, he met Austelė – a farmer’s beautiful daughter – fell in love with her and married her. According to Samogitian traditions, after the wedding night the newly-weds must show the guests the cheese that they’ve made. The giant Džiugas and his wife Austelė showed their guests a strong, large and delicious cheese and all guests loved them.
Absolutely not to missed to taste these very delicious cheeses at the Buda Castle Wine Festival- Budapest.
The visitors to the wine festival are welcomed with tastings and sales.

Recommender and snaps: Aggie Reiter