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Connecting programs  in celebrating the most spectacular Café  in the World  …  The New York Palace celebrates this year its 120th anniversary.

The New York Palace, was re-born in the spirit of the  Boscolo family who asked an Italian design company, already known from its former design brilliancy …  designed the legendary Ferrari showroom … to make the family’s dream come true by the reforming the New York Palace’s new wing. Dream came true cause within the walls of the New York Café  lays the Boscolo Hotels, Boscolo Conference  Center and the Boscolo catering.

On January, 27., a  press conference was held at the Boscolo’s even hall, whereas the speakers talked about the former New York café, the well-known place for a meet point of regular Hungarian greatest literary individuals and bloomed the cultural life. It was the home of the greatest formed beside the Western author of the „Pest Diary” and numerous journal editorial, but several critical, actress and artist also spent most of time of the days.

The café, restaurant and five-star luxury hotel is accommodating to-day within the New York Palace building, opened in October, 23.1894.  So this year the cultural calendar marks each program reflecting to the anniversary year. The anniversary interaction goes along with other applications in addition to traditional literary theme. The New York artist Council will hold fortnightly a literary performance, and within this frame a chain of 16 thematic, artistic evenings will be held, involving more than 80 artists. In 2014 most of the programmes focus on the jubilee. For example, January, 27 the poet: János Lackfi, Erika Bárczi and Zsuzsa Hargitay-Nagy fashion designers, Gergely Böszörményi Nagy communication expert, Mihály Dresch saxophone artist and Miklós Lukács cimbalom artist analyzed the topics of tradition and reformation during the night titled „What are the Hungarians like?”.  Beside the lectures, there will be a role in enjoying gastronomy and catering within the birthday celebration within the walls of the eye-catching building. During the series of evenings will be the writer Sandor Marai‘s death commemorated  25th anniversary. In May, on the Women’s Day, the event will be dedicated with the presence of famous creative women, but also dedicated to the occasion of psychology and the relationship between art and artist couples. On the podium the invited guests will be received by Anna Juhász. Since 2011, literary contest was advertised by the cafe house, which this year will be related to the 120-year-old cafe’s past and present publications. Wish to revive the old-time tradition started in the year 2012., with the piano competition, highlighted by Csaba Szabó, the New York café  manager. In January started this year’s contest with measuring nine bar pianist skills by Károly Nyári, Csilla Szentpéteri and Jenő Esze, all of them famous pianists in front of a jury. Until May, 9., four occasions will take place when the audience will be able to listen to the competitors.

The anniversary is also manifested with culinary delights. The first international gastronomy conference was held, and the world most famous confectionaries prepared cake specialities in honor of the famous Budapest café. The jubilee  year’s programs will be crowned with glory in October with a Grand New York Ball.

Supporting the series of the Budapest Fashion Nights, whereas the famous home fashions, Hungarian-quality fashion will be organized as in the previous years at the Boscolo Conference Center. The event will take place at March, 6. 2014. The Bloom Fashion Group event is a social event for over many years that provides an opportunity for the Hungarian fashion culture relaxed individuals to have a casual meeting. In these series of events, also is the platform to other prominent fashion designers to meet and show the current collection within the framework of the high-quality fashion evening.


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