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IV. Fish Festival – Budapest, 2016. …. Largest Fish Festival in Europe!

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Budapest will be hosting  the IV. Fish Festival , during the week-end February 12 to 14 2016!

Millennium Park

District, II. – 16-20 Kis Rókus Street – Budapest

The IVth Fish Festival organisers together with a couple of artists, chefs and  representatives to the forthcoming festival held a press gathering at Budapest’s unique  “Big Fish” restaurant, where they introduced the programs to the IV. Fish Festival.

Day1.  beginning with „Gluttonous Friday” when 50% discount will be available fish delights at the exhibitors booths for visitors. The 50% coupon booklet can be downloaded at the „IVth Budapesti Halfesztivál” Internet site.

Day2. Continuing fish in all quantities i.e.200 domestic and international cuisine, fish delicacies. Next to the number of different species fish in the rivers and lakes of Hungary, from Párkány – Slovakia, the Fish team will be introducing their fish sausage and salami products. There will be giant catfish, and more than 50 kind of catfish-catch dentex.

Candidates  to the Fish cooking competition are welcomed and the Application Deadline is Friday, February, 5. 2016.

Also on the Fish Festival Street, fish cooking competition will be held, cooked in giant ball between chefs vs chefs namely the Chef of Szeged  and Chef of Baja cooking their city’s style of Hungarian fish soup. During the day, Giant Catfish cutting and baking, presentation of live fish in the giant aquarium, exchanging angling experience … either as a sporty activity or pastime  fishing with a rod and line, Fishing Resale.

Day3. Beside the flavored fish yummies, children’s entertainment will not be missing having programs just for them, with concert by the 100 Folk Celsius band, Trampoline Theater presenting: The Golden Fish Tale.

Fish delight lovers are all welcomed to visit the three-day event and enjoy the special experience gain at Hungary’s largest fish event. Also throughout the Fish Festival days live concerts will fill the air.

Ticket prices: Daily ticket: 1990 Ft. Kids under the age of 14 years free admission

On Day1. Friday, February, 12. holding the Gluttonous Friday for students and senior tickets 990HUF also at discount price.

Available coupon booklet of 50% discount ticket can be downloaded from the Internet site of events

Update and pre-snaps from the press announcement: by Aggie Reiter