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Lets play together on the Magic Day – 2016.


District, IX., 51-53 Árpád Road 51-53. – Courtyard

Saturday. September, 10. 2016

11 .am.

What does actually meaning of the Magic Day? … A gregarious playing Day!

Keeping alive the good traditions … a full-day event at the „Playland” !

It is organized for the 6th year.

It is an event where, regardless of age or gender for a whole day  adults and children can play together. It is free of charge to try for anyone the 400 old and new thought-provoking game. The Magic Day event is called by the organizers “playing board” and wish to widely promote the new thought-provoking games. Only for a day – September, 10, 2016., will be one giant playground  at  the Újpest Point Office’s building courtyard when hundreds of old and new games will be out to have fun. The past years proved it was popular, cause at least a thousand people visited the venue. Everyone can find the best types of games  for those who wish to spend their time in the „Playland” … single logical games, tactical and strategy games, games for kindergarten  little ones and elementary school  age kids … building games, worksheets, creative  toys and playthings. On a day like this celebrities from around 11 a.m.  will be in  competition with each other to be the winner at this year’s new thought-provoking game.

Participating celebrities will also be present: Pierrot,  Nóra Teszári, Kefir, Orsi Kozma, Bence Apáti, Patricia Szabó Anikó Molnár, Tibor Bakács,  Vera Kováts.

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