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6th Tennis Classics  – 6 Awesome Tennis Legends  2013 … made their day for the Hungarian and foreigner  tennis lovers in Budapest – Hungary.

The greatest tennis stars, and as suspected a real delicacy sporty day, at the Papp László Sport Arena – Budapest took place on, Wednesday, December 3. 2013. Even though this parade show  has been going since 2008, it ain’t easy in words to describe how the 6 tennis  legends and the audience had enjoyed spending their time at the 6th Tennis Classics tournament. Was an experience on both sides that will be kept in mind. Those who were present were spoiled by the tennis sport legends in a very high-level form. At four o’clock sharp, the Arena inch-by-inch was crowded. The audience was already anxious, heated on the boiling point, awaiting for the stars to show up on the court. During the last 24Hs Ferrer suffered injury so he couldn’t join the set of the legendary tennis players. Balazs Taróczy director of the tournament had incredibly short time at his disposal to find the player who can be a worthy partner and opponent to Jo-Wilfried,  Haas and Marcos Baghdati, but he did and invited, and succeeded to bring Monfil  to the 6th TennisClassic.  Gael Monfils  jumped in to replace the injured David Ferrer. Well that’s what unfortunately may happen in the sporty  life. You never know what tomorrow may bring! Hope, Ferrer will be fit again soon. Here’s a video message from him:  As Monfils said: “Luck was on both side, the timing was perfect, “free” for the time being to join the stars of tennis at the 6th Budapest Tennis Classics.” Needn’t had to introduce for the tennis addicted young and elder  folks the well-known top ranked tennis player, who is by-the-way pretty famous by the Hungarians. His name previously became a legend after beating 4 legendary tennis stars: Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. The pairings had been already drawn in advance: Rafter – Wilander … Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – Markos Bagdatis … Monfils – Haas. Players at the doubles match were the two semi-final losers, who played the Gala Game with Pat Rafter, and Mats Wilander.

The first ball leaving the racquets at the opening game were by the top two seeds …  the Aussie Pat Rafter and the Swede Mats Wilander presented a fabulous show. Rafter, by the end of the match defeated fellow Swede Mats Wilander, also former World’s tennis player number one! During the match, much fun and laughter filled the Arena when the Aussie classic happen to hit the ball high and ended on the lightbulbs on the ceiling. Actually stayed hanging on the display. Was by coincidence, or within the show, doesn’t really matter, the audience just couldn’t stop cheering and he himself  and Wilander were awaiting with heads up, watching  for the ball to fall down. Actually stayed hanging on the display. Have a bet … the Arena will indeed keep that ball high esteem.  The Aussie Mate finally brought the game to an end with 9:6. All the games lasted until winning the nine games. Watching their marvelous show looked easily played … but  having second thoughts … to follow their racquetball and performance showed no wonder they are the Best!

A couple of minutes  after  5.30 p.m.  Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – Markos Bagdatis, the  two  stars entered the tennis s court. All along the way Tsonga was the leader of the match, then came  tie-break. By now both were sweating as being out under the 60C sun. Afterall,  the final racquetball  was in favor for  Bagdatis.  They both played with each other at previous grounds and at then all 4 games were won by Tsonga . Words can hardly be found to express their sets. They surely entertained the audience with their hits-the-kicks. For Tsonga the venue wasn’t new, since he was at the 4th Tennis Classic in 2011 and as he said he was very pleased to be invited again to the show. Thereafter,  Markos Bagdatis and Gael Monfil began their first ball. Sweats weren’t missing this time as well. Terrific show! Finally, the tennis court seen Bagdatis  had defeated Monfils. Just a quicky remark here: Bagdatis said at the press gathering, that he had a list of a couple of  things he wished to reach this year, but hadn’t reach any of them … Well, guess he didn’t count in his list of coming,  participating, to achieve, be the winner at the 6th Tennis Classics games. Probably, many may know about Markos Bagdatis as the  4 time  racquet breaker within one minute  in the Tennisville world.  Perhaps will be, if not soon, one day in the book of world champions by this act. Maybe this time he didn’t bring along a bunch of racquets, what a pitty, that’s why we didn’t see that side of him here in Budapest. 

Was around 8 p.m. when the two tennis stars Monfils – Haas came out to beat their semifinal.  The show was marvelous.

The winner of the year’s  6th Tennis Classic tournament was the Cypriot, Markos Bagdatís and most probably by winning this tournament he is mighty glad.

The current leading tennis players battled it out in four tournament format, and the final two players left in the “valley” later in doubles lighted up the evening. Was to see an awesome  presentation between the two “senior”… this was what professionals and show stands for. All of the legendary classics players were on their tops. The show was tricky, funny at times, professional and a surely was a superb catchy exciting match. The audience often kept their breath, probably for some skipped a heartbeat as the sound of the ball hitting the racquets sounded tough and hard. Was a deep reminder of the hard sound of the tennis ball touching the racquet in the legendary British movie the “Blow Up” staring David Hemmings (R.I.P.)!  Even though the show was to end as planned at 8 p.m., but ended  around 10 p.m., but that’s how it goes, can never tell at the tennis court how long will it really take and the audience didn’t mind at all to sit for hours and watch the legendary catchy sporty men’s playing.

Over 6000 people were present, many young ones and  folks of all age came along, buddies, couples, families with small and young kids. Silence filled the air as the ball popped from one side to the other. Probably many in the audience imagined they were also on the tennis court with their own tennis racquets and fitting their own sets. Eyes were wide open. Huge applause burst through the arena and cheering weren’t missing after the marvelous and acrobatics hit. Was amazing to see the kids, the extent they were preoccupied by watching throughout the hours the superb players.  Maybe some of them will pop-up in the future generation, saying they have chosen right now, right here their role model at the Budapest’s Tennis Classics Games. To be present at this live show was also a present for the Hungarians and foreigners staying in Budapest to be at the 6th Tennis Classics tournament. Grand idea of Balázs Taróczy, the organizer to set up this tournament, the Fab. Tennis Classics in Budapest. Whether having a seat at the Arena , or just simply watching the match through the  local TV sporty channels was the highlight not just of the day but  the grand event of the year in Budapest. Needn’t have had to fly over near-or-far to the other side of the Ocean to be at one of the tournaments around the World to see, meet personally, collect autographs from these legendary tennis stars.

Was  just a  special day … not to be forgotten. Hopefully, next year  Balázs Taróczy  will be bringing over more shinning stars!

Now you can already mark your Calendar for the next year’s 7th Tennis Classics,  December, 2014 in Budapest.

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