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Rambo is Back in Action @ the Hungarian Cinemas


Digitally restored 4K version.

The Pannónia Entertainment screenings starting during the second half of spring with a limited-time re-presentation of Sylvester Stallone’s classics.
Having a list the characters played by Sylvester Stallone by name,  would certainly mention the two R’s, Rocky and Rambo, without them being not in order. The screenings begins from April 13-19. starting with 1982’s Rambo – First Blood, which does not include its Vietnam veteran protagonist in its original title. Most of the screenings will be dubbed, but at the Cinema MOM will also offer subtitle version for those who prefer it in the original in English language.

First Blood is a more restrained, progressive, less big, but nonetheless memorable action-enriched cat-and-mouse play with a thriller in some places, which holds an actually deep drama behind it. These are precisely the strengths that made it permanent. Rocky IV is even more illustrative of the decade, but how slapstick became action movies with the two ’80s episodes is another story.

The 1985 Rambo II. program week will be from April 20-26. and the 1988 Rambo III. also will be shown from April 27 to May 3.
Either those who already fell in love with the “super soldier” in the VHS era, or those who would like to see -to get to know  Stallone now may watch as looking at the time capsule of the 80s is their place to be.

Screenings will take place at Budapest’s  Lurdy Cinema, Cinema MOM, GOBUDA Cinema, Pólus Cinema.

Update by Aggie Reiter