The Danube Art Ensemble Concert – Folk Music


The folk band of the Danube Artists Ensemble, the Göncöl group, has released an independent album.  The folk music collections is of  Zoltán Kallós –  two-time Kossuth Prize-winning Hungarian ethnographer from Transylvania.”Turn, my dear horse” – title album will be released on Spotify’s music sharing channel, and their related teaser concert will be held on …

Tuesday, May, 16. 2023. – 7 p.m. @ the House of Tradtion – Theater hall (Hagyományok Háza.) Venue: District I., 8. Corvin Square – Budapest. 

Ágnes Enyedi –  Junior Prima award-winning folk singer, Balázs Mezei – dancer of the Duna Art Ensemble and the dancers of the Duna Art Ensemble will take part in the concert.

The aim of the album is to present the life and outstanding personality of Zoltán Kallós by selecting from his most important folk music collections, which will be made even more perceptive with video and audio interludes and photo projections during the concert.

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