Results to the Telekom Vivicittá Half Marathon 2023.

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Every year, the event is surrounded by ever-increasing anticipation, which excites the running public not only in Hungary, but also from Europe. At the race 1300 foreign runners from 83 countries started.

Around the world 4 times: the finishers covered a total of more than 180000 kms during this year’s 38th Telekom Vivicitta weekend.

Exercise lovers celebrated spring in an impressive environment, beautiful sunny weather and a real running atmosphere at this year’s 38th Telekom Vivicitta. During the two days of the weekend, a total of nearly 20000 people moved and played sports on 10 distances. In addition to the community experience, the participants of the event also served a good cause: they supported the work of 11 charitable organizations with ten million Hungarian Forint.

Here are the results of the 38th Vivicittá running race festival:

Vivicittá, results – Half Marathon MEN: 1. Thomas Percy (British) 1:11:28 hours, 2. Iván Levente 1:12:43, 3. Galasiewicz Jakub (Polish) 1:13 :25

During the 2 days run race attended all together by almost 20000 people in Budapest.

According to the information of the organizer Budapest Sport Bureau, the British athlete completed the 21-kilometer distance in 1:11:28 hours.

Anissa Weibl from the City Győr was the first among the women.

The sports event was also attended by Anett Bősz, Deputy Mayor of Budapest, Máriusz Révész State Secretary responsible for Active Hungary and Balázs Németh CEO of the Budapest 2023 Athletics World Cup Organizer Ltd.

All participants received a discount coupon for the World Athletics Championships in Budapest!, entitling them to purchase tickets at a 50 percent discount for the evening programs to the World Championships.

Final Countdown Results:

Half Marathon MEN: 1. Thomas Percy (British) 1:11:28 hours, 2. Iván Levente 1:12:43, 3. Galasiewicz Jakub (Polish) 1:13 :25

Half Marathon WOMEN : 1. Anissa Weibl 1:25:03, 2. Réka Bátai 1:27:29, 3. Anna Bor 1:28:37

MEN 10 km: 1. Tamás Tóth 31:57 minutes, 2. Clément Ringard (French) 32:25, 3. Gábor Józsa 32:31
WOMEN 10 km: 1. Ohn Kinga 36:07, 2. Bukovszki Tünde 37:23, 3. Karolina Horváth 38:11.

Between August, 19 and 27, 2023, the biggest sports event in Hungary’s history, will be held the World Athletics Championships. With the Fan Club discount coupon, participants can buy tickets for the evening programs of the Athletics World Cup at a 50% price, and in the morning can admire the superheroes.

Source: Futanet

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