Grand Tasting Unique Kéknyelű Magical Wine from Badacsony @ New York Palace – Budapest.

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The twelfth grand tasting Badacsony Wines where wine lovers place to be!

Lake Balaton cannot be brought to Budapest, but the wine producers from that region could come to Budapest the Capital of Hungary to introduce their latest and well known wines to the visitors coming to get to know by tastings.

Lake Balaton Regional TDM Association hand-in-hand with the Badacsony regional winemakers and cellars organizined the annual wine tasting festival this year as well at the New York Cafe. The Badacsony wine-makers and tourism providers from the region have had been boosting again the fiesta atmosphere in Budapest.

The Kéknyelű Magic Wines from the Vulcan’s landscapes this year played a major role … A little bit about the Badacsony Region … Badacsony wine region, stands on volcano that has been extinct for 2.5 million years, whose soil is a mixture of clay, lime and sand found at the bottom of the Pannonian Sea with different versions of volcanic basalt, its micro climate is a mixture of cool continental and hot Mediterranean climates, in short, an ideal paradise environment for grapes.

The first two hours of the tasting were for journalists and invited guests, so it was still easy to get to everyone, but at 4 in the afternoon the gates were opened to the public and fans of Badacsony wines stormed the counters. It’s true that I didn’t stay until the end of the meeting, but while I was present, the event took place in a civilized manner, and the majority of the guests really came to the venue due to genuine interest and not “I could have a drink”. Several came with a specific goal and proceeded according to a pre-drawn plan, others targeted familiar wineries, and still others specifically hunted for new faces. It was refreshing to see people sharing their tasting experiences and already going to places recommended by others.

Let’s see a couple of wineries that hit the road definitely to mention:

Istvándy Estate and Winery Badacsonytomaj … Keeping their Family tradition more than 200 years. As said they believe in the Kéknyelű wine. For them not in the volume is in their task, but in quality. They are convinced that creating something valuable and unique can only be done based on well-founded, in-depth expertise, with openness and creativity. They found the right raw material for this in the noble and special Kéknyelű. Their mission is to discover the secrets of Kéknyelű, which will open up new horizons for the wine region. For tasting was brought these wines: Italian Riesling 2021, Drágakő – Kéknyelű-Rhine Riesling 2021, Laza cuvée 2021, Kékderű-Kéknyelű 2021, Rhine Riesling 2021. Last but not least … the Istvándy Wines not only the taste, but also the smell of the wine were deeply impressive. To see/taste the wines there just drop by 127 Római Rd. – Badacsonytomaj. A few years ago had a chance in being present visited with a media group and I can tell, the reception and hospitality was much too higher than expected. His love for the guests, the beauty of the landscape the organic lunch prepared by his sister from their local veggie field was unbelievably tasty. Gergő Istványi presented fantastic wines to suit our occasional meal. Tasted their local pure grape juice and since then remember every drop it. When we left within his Good-bye very single word was true … “You come to us as a guest and leave as a friend”Highly recommend to visit his plantation!

Also heard about the next occasion … directly to Istvándy Estate and Winery to participate at the “Kéknyelű Picnic” (Ticket price: 18900HUF) will be on May, 13. 2023., from 1 p.m.- 8 p.m. The ticket includes: 3-course BBQ meal from the Tütü gastrobus … Tasting 30 types of Kéknyelű wine from more than 10 wineries in-and-around Badacsony and much more… AND last but not least on the spot also to watch the “Amazing” Sun Go Down! … Which is free of charge 🙂

Another fascinating wine in the flavor was the Ambrosia – late vintage 2022 of Németh Cellar. The sun-baked autumn scent was in every drop, the structure was perfect. Beside their other wines out to be tasted were: Jazzi Pearl Wine 2022, Italian Riesling – selected vintage 2022, Sürkebarat – new wood barrel 2022, Kéknyelű – selected vintage 2022, Rhine Riesling 2022. The Németh Cellar is a small family cellar in the heart of Badacsony, which can be found at 135, Római Rd. – Badacsonytomaj, Three generations work together, from grandfather to grandchildren, everyone is at the service of the wine for part of the year, the wisdom of the elders is combined with the vigor of the youth. They believe that wines made with old traditional technology bring back the flavors of the landscape and the past, so they combine well-proven technology and modern tools in their professional work. The wine tastings of their small family winery also take place in a family atmosphere, the guests are warmly welcomed by the family members! In addition their carefully prepared wines, they also offer delicious wine skates and mouthwatering self-made sourdough bread!

Edegger Winery is a family business. The family comes from Austria – Styria – and operates the winery in Badacsony.
They cultivate vineyards according to biological guidelines and have abandoned the use of synthetic sprays and artificial wine treatment materials. The applied biodynamic viticulture makes their wines unique in that the characteristics of the different areas are also recognizable. We have 60% white grapes: Premier Italian Riesling and Rhine Riesling 2021, Jakob – Chardonnay 2018, Szürkebarát. The remaining 40% are red grapes: Pinot Noir – 2018, George -Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot selection-Merlot 2018.
Jakob and George names cover my two sons. They can be found 235 Romai Rd.- Badacsony.

Borbély Winery … Family owned winery in Badacsonytomaj showing consistent quality over the years. Some of their wines receive high national recognition, often in the top 10 of wine competitions. They started with their own vineyards 1981 (received as honeymoon gift) but worked already in the wine business for the state-owned winery at Badacsony. it is no longer easy to get to his stand. It seemed that as hours have passed, the crowd in the hall was thickening up to their stand. On the spot was to be tasted: Bóbita delightful wine 2022, Tomaj – Rózsakő -Olaszrysling -Kéknyelű 2022, Badacsonyi Kéknyelű selection 2020, GYULA PAPA Badacsonyi Rajni Riesling 2019, KARÓS Badacsonyi Italian Riesling limited selection. They can be found at 19. Káptalantóti Rd. – Badacsonytomaj.

Büttner Winery as told their vineyards using the most modern mechanical methods and the harvest done by hand. They pay a lot of attention to the optimal time of the harvest and the carefully picked fruit is processed as quickly and gently as possible. Their winemaker Attila Csillag comes from a multi-generational family of winegrowers, who harmoniously combines his traditional wine-making experience with the innovative knowledge he spent at the Winery and Research Institute. With their wines can familiarize yourself with their entire wine offer. At the venue tasted the Late Harvest, Olaszrizling – 2018. The sweetness was assured by the 44gr. sugar and 18% Alcohol. Very smooth and tasteful. The winery is at topography number 1267 Szőlőhegy – Káptalantóti Bodok.

Fata – Badacsony a significant part of the area has white grapes, which are mainly cultivated by hand. Their production areas are made up of several small plantations. In terms of varietal composition, deal with the main Badacsony grapes. Such varieties was to be tasted: the Balatonbor Olaszrizling 2022, Badacsonyi Szürkebarát 2022, Badacsonyi Ottonel Muskotály 2022. Honestly the Badacsonyi Rózsakő 2021 wine was not just mouthwatering but the smell of the wine surely captured.  Venue: 88. Római Rd. – Badacsonytomaj.

Laposa Estate … Family owned estate at Badacsonytomaj, having a wide range of native varieties such as Riesling focusing exclusively on white varieties. The family motto is to respect the traditions with young dynamism. Brought to the New York Palace tasting: Vitorlás Rhine Riesling 2022, Kéknyelű 2021, Apukám Vilaga 3021, Vitorlás Italian Riesling 2022, Balatonbor 2022, Vitorlás Zenit 2022 for tasting. Venue: 1. Lajos Rd. – Badacsonytomaj, Bogyay

Brown Wine Bar is a handcrafted, self-bottled producers and may visit their family winery. The Brown Wine Bar is located 8 km from Badacsony, at 10. Honvéd str. Ábrahámhegy. At the tasting show these wines were available for the wine lovers: Irsai Oliver Pearl Wine 2022, Italian Riesling 2017, Budai Zöld 2021, Zeus 2021, Kéknyelű 2016, Kékfrankos 2019.

My philosophy is … “Experience is the best way to recommend others”

Riport and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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