The 30th Celebration of ESSCA @ Budapest.

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Since 1993 – ESSCA has a campus in Budapest.

Upon invitation on October, 6. at District, IX.  6. Czuczor Street – took part at the event whereas Andrienne Terdik – PResston PR gave an introduction to the day’s event and Dr.  Zsuzsa Deli-Graydirector  ESSCA held a presentation connected to the French higher education institution celebrating 2 days within a series of the 30th anniversary existence in Budapest.

On April, 6. was the ESSA second day, in cooperation with the International Women’s Club (IWC), organized a lifestyle day on the school campus. The International Women’s Club is the only registered international women’s club operating in Budapest, which was founded in 1981. The organization plays a decisive role in the capital in helping intercultural communication, coordinating community activities and implementing charity programs.

Dr. Zsuzsa Deli-Gray – Head of ESSCA’s Hungarian office presentation namely was about the ESSCA history rolling up to to-day’s activities at the ESSCA School of Management – Budapest Campus. The university is considered one of the best business schools in the world by the Financial Times. It welcomes “students” (no age limit) from all over the world in Budapest.

History in a nutshell … The ESSCA School of Management, founded in 1909 with outstanding quality of the courses offering certified four international accreditations (EQUIS, EPAS, AACSB, AMBA).

Dr. Zsuzsa Deli-Gray gave an update of to-day’s campus activities. In summary … the ESSCA a high-school diploma and confident English language skills are needed for successful admission … as education is held in English. They monitor not only the points brought from the high-school, of course that is also important. Experts also will scrutinized applicant to see as the future manager. They look at the student’s personality and motivation, and in order to assess whether the offered training fits the student’s attitude and professional goals and adding, the leadership skills are partly innate and partly learnable. That is why the management attitude, competences and skills of the applicants are also measured during the admissions interview tied to the graduation.

About the “students” –  an adult tutor supporter is there from their admission to the school until the end of their studies. They not only helps the student in their professional progress, but to correct study method, in choosing the most suitable professional practice and their mandatory semester abroad, but also supports them in personal matters if in need. The instructors of the ESSCA School of Management are recognized researchers and practitioners of the profession, who impart the knowledge to the students in the framework of both classroom lessons and education based on company visits and business projects.

The management of the school pays high attention to the fact that the students acquire relevant practical knowledge in addition to serious theoretical knowledge in an educational environment that combines the most modern teaching-methodological solutions with in-depth academic and complementary current practical knowledge, as well as a humane approach. During the hiring interview, they are also curious about the applicant’s personality, what motivations drive him or her, and how much the future manager can be discovered in him or her. On the occasion of examination, if the student is not quite sharp on the awaited answer the tutor offers to gather with another student who better in that skill and learn together to catch up and if otherwise thee student is offered to carry on at some other domestic and international companies where his or her knowledge is more comfortable. The campus director highlighted that the leadership skills are partly innate and partly learnable. That is why the management attitude, competences and skills of the applicants are also measured during the admissions interview tied to the graduation. They take care to create a calm atmosphere during the interview and help the applicants to give their maximum performance. The instructors teach the students in world-class, modern rooms equipped with innovative technology, now covering 1370 square meters environment. In addition to the classrooms and study rooms and a well-equipped student kitchen suitable for studying and socializing outside of class.

The three-year undergraduate course is conducted in English language and upon completion the students receive the Bachelor in International Management with a French diploma and the degree is recognized by the French state of ESSCA, which is highly valued among multinational companies. ESSCA graduates sign a work contract even before filling out  their studies with domestic and/or  an international company.

The institution campuses located in France (Angers, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Aix-en-Provence, Cholet), in Budapest – Hungary and in Shanghai – China .

After the greeting words and presentation, there was a time for a little relax held under the guidance of Mónika Vadai (Mother and Child), who said that our everyday life is full of good and bad influence and the stress leaves a mark on our body  …  many sit in front the computer with a bad pose which also may cause headaches or other pains, so need to  loosens up some muscles to ease our day and within that thought were shown a couple of yoga exercises.

Before the main presentation started, a professional make-up presentation with products were introduced by Marionnaud perfumery, and the ladies on the spot could try some of  the cosmetics.

Around noontime the representatives of the  PResston PR,  ZEMA jewelry and Hyson tea carried out a raffle and most of the attendees received gift packages.

Riport and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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