Herald News: The United Kingdom’s Ambassador to Budapest Joins to Bake Gingerbread @ the Ecumenical Aid Organization.

home-made gingerbread heart

British Ambassador Paul Fox will also join the volunteers baking gingerbread hearts!

This year too, hundreds of volunteers of the Ecumenical Aid Organization are taking turns in “hanger for love”. The United Kingdom’s ambassador to Budapest is accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Vicki Fox, and several employees of the embassy.

The public part of the program begins on Tuesday, December, 13 at 4 p.m. at the Donation Point of the Ecumenical Aid Organization in front of Szent István Basilica, District V., Szent István Square Budapest. Entering the site is free of charge.

Donations are accepted at the Donation Point of the Aid Society until December 23 this year. In the display oven located at the donation point, the volunteers are constantly making gingerbread hearts to thank the monetary donations offered on the spot. In addition to the bakery, the ecumenicals also operate a donation shop, where you can support the aid organization by purchasing handicrafts made in the organization’s institutions. You can join the national Advent Fundraising of the Ecumenical Aid Organization not only at the Donation Point, but also in the whole area of the fair, at all vendors. The Hellopay payment system offers the option of a 0-20% tip for those who pay with a bank card at vendors or catering stands. 30% of the amount of the selected tip will be received by the Ecumenical Aid Organization, thus supporting the collaboration.

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  1. Hi what do you say, should we join mr Ambassador? Anyway I wanted to connect a bit with the British embassy hihihi :):):)

  2. Posted by Chris Hanlon on 13/12/2022 at 09:40

    I haven’t had a gingerbread man since I was a kid, loved them…If the ambassador is the one I’m thinking of you better grab a couple before he arrives…they won’t last long after that…!!!!!!

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