Laurent Baffie: Case-Case … Or How The Cube Bounce?

TOK-TOK orlai production

Comedy play is on at the Belvárosi Theater from Saturday, November, 5. 2022.

A ground-breaking comedy that was a big hit both on stage and film!

Summary … Let’s take a group of unknown people, put them in a room – in our case, the hall of a world-famous psychiatrist – and close the door on them. Sooner or later it will be revealed that each of them has their own fun hep…

Our heroes stubbornly cling to their life belts, with which they can stay afloat in everyday life, and while they wait, one life belt appears after another. Real acrobatics, with which they bravely avoid each other’s life belts and try to become a real team. The stakes are not small: will they find the rules of the game, with which they can win together and separately?

Laurent Baffie’s license was mediated by SACD (France) and Hofra Ltd.

The performance is recommended for audience with Hungarian language knowledge and individuals over the age of 14.

Actors: VINCENT – taxi driver: Schruff Milán, FRED – parrot breeder: Ferenc Pataki, BLANCHE – laboratory assistant: Mónika Ullmann, LILI – fitness trainer: László Lili, MARIE – holy pot: Zsuzsa Járó, BOB – technical draftsman: Barnabás Rohonyi, ASSISTANT: Judit Cseh.

Director: Béla Paczolay … Author: Laurent Baffie … Translator: Gergely Zöldi … Set designer: Khell Csörsz … Costume designer: Györgyi Fekete … Composer: Péter Furák … The director’s collaborator: Dorka Dicő …Producer: Tibor Orlai.

Ticket can be purchased at the Theater’s ticket office.

Source: Belvárosi Theater – Budapest

Recommendation by: Aggie Reiter

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