The Future Art of Cinema – ETELE Cinema @ Budapest.

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Venue: District XI., 68. Etele Rd. Budapest

The multi-award winning Etele Plaza opened last year in September… Yesterday, the journalists were invited for an exclusive visit. Within this framework, we were able to gain a glimpse behind the scenes of ETELE Cinema. Several cinema halls were presented during the tour. Heard about the special rooms and innovative technologies of the cinema, which are uniquely equipped in Hungary, as well as its premium services. In brief some data …the floor space is 7000 square meters within 14 multiplex halls takes the cinema experience to a new level in almost everything!, ETELE Cinema can accommodate at the same time sixteen hundred people, having premium quality of Scandinavian design chairsItalian fabric frame, framed with Spanish imitation leather, as well as the “glide” mechanism, reclining backrest and sliding seats. In several rooms of ETELE Cinema, Dolby Atmos and 7.1 sound systems, 4K laser projection technology and pixel-controlled lighting technology enchant visitors.

Feel like a V.I.P.! Why Not? All the circumstances to fulfill their chosen time of pleasure are at the visitors fingertips at this superb location … In addition to the technology, they wanted to make sure the audience feel as comfortable as possible. At the touch of a button on the reclining elbow seat and footrest can be adjustable and all the muscles are completely relaxed for the eye-ear to fulfill the fantastic experience. Even before the screenings were told that the audience are welcome with special room-specific light and sound play which give that feeling that the walls are literally coming to life! The comfy cinema’s seats are noticeably, were tailored designed by personal order and easy to tilt. Nowhere in Hungary has armchairs anything close to it as at the ETELE Cinema.

Not just for those, who want to get something special, but who after a tiring day go to the ETELE Cinema can drive away the daily frills, relax and get the most comfy experience. It is also possible to even use the built-in personal mobilphone (Qi) charger on the armrest while watching the movie. Worthwhile to visit the Premium Hall and within a second feel receiving comfort, perfect visuality, the special care from head-to-toe.

Sci-fi level technology … not just only for Sci-fi fans! ETELE Cinema is a third-generation cinema in use of state-of-the-art technology and are integrated to a level that sci-fi can envy. Naturally in providing the best cinema experience!

Being there was worthwhile to take a seat at the PIXEL HALL, one of the most stunning special design hall.  The eye-catching colors inspired by the Nordic light and brought alive with scattered light shards engulfing the audience. The venue will catch attention straight away. Here a seats were also specially tailored for comfy. A little magic was brought by Centrum Production for the lighting of the PIXEL HALL and along the passing areas. With the project of “Master of Light – Master of Light 2021” received the praise of the professional jury. The unique moody lights in the domestic market help the cinemas to provide a magical experience, surprise and entertain. Unique event venue was held the BrandFestival 2021 at the ETELE Cinema last year in October, with more than a 100 international and domestic professional performers at the conference. The event reached the finals of the prestigious London Conference & Events Awards 2022, including the “Sustainable Venue” in the Best Venue categories.

When arriving with younger children, there is no better choice than taking them to the ETELE CINEMA KIDS HALL, having a unique hall ultimately designed. Beside the row of seats also double seats for parents sitting beside their kids. The designers of ETELE cinema have thought of children’s sitting watching the movie, but who haven’t heard of them saying the need to go out to the water-closet minute-by-minute. Here ain’t no problem because designed and placed for them right next to the entrance hall.

Was mentioned during the guided press tour the Life1 … ETELE FITNESS ROOM located on 2000 square meters in a unique environment, equipped with the most modern and safest strength and cardio machines, sauna and physiotherapy services and a terrace available for being in use.

The building provides fully accessible spots and use of restrooms for those in need. Wide lifts, ramps, a sidewalk from the car park and an electronic blind guide system under the corridors help the visitors with reduced mobility to navigate more easily and safely. On all levels of ETELE Cinema, a few steps from the screening hall, there are washbasins for guests, as well as restrooms for the disabled. For Men “N” Ladies rooms, needn’t have to walk for individuals (“miles”) to reach their need., there are in easy reachable distance.

About parking … can park right next to the cinema and walk right in from their car! They have something unique in store for everyone: a plethora of eye-boggling visuals awaits in all of their halls before and after watching a movie.

The movie lovers gain an awesome experience at the ETELE Cinema and they probably won’t think twice to go to another cinema by having experience on the spot feel the real difference in the sound-sight effects all around them. As for to-day, the ETELE Cinema cannot be compared to any other cinemas in Hungary.

ETELE Cinema has fundamentally rethought community movie watching. The general designer of the plaza, the leading designer of Paulinyi & Partners, István Vámossy, played a key role in the realization of this and Domenico Del Priore and Raffaele Carlani, employees of DeCa Design, Italian cinema design specialists. The best expert in the country, Zoltán Berkes, CinemaNext Hungary Cinema Integrator was responsible for the audio and projection technology.

Last but not least … this is a perfect environment to have had built the ETELE Cinema here cause enroute from downtown with the transportation of the M4 Metro easy to reach and with the housing estate nearby, adding the Kelenföld train station just steps away canno have brought to a better place. At the ETELE Mall all kind of food and other stores available just as a little village on the spot.

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