Isvándy Winery – “Kéknyelű” Picnic – Káptalantót … Northern Lake Balaton 2022.


To be in the groove this coming week-end all you have to do is take a visit on May 14, 2022, to the traditional blue-tasting program of the Istvándy Winery which is located on the border of Káptalantót, in the Istvándy Grove.

Istvándy “Blue Age Era“: For more than 20 years we have been committed to the Kéknyelű variety. In 2012, for the first time in the world, we launched the unique Blue-Handled Champagne and introduced it to the general public. We want to discover the secrets of the “Kéknyelű wine”, which can open up new perspectives for the wine region.

Have lunch on the Istvándy Tóti-hegy estate from Noontime. Mind you to book a table on +36 30 361 8421.

Kéknyelű Picnic … May 14, 2022. … 3p.m. – 8 p.m.

About 10 wineries in Badacsony will brought to join the event with more than 30 Kéknyelű, and guests can take part in a Kéknyelű masterclass and taste local mangalica and gray beef. A wonderful venue and a unique walk-in tasting in the Balaton Uplands: the Kéknyelű Picnic and Walking Tasting is about meetings, tastes, and the presentation of the treasures of a special grape variety. What was the 2021 vintage like? What makes the Blue Tongue different? What common opportunities do winemakers in the wine region see in the future? – Participants are sure to get answers to these questions during the tasting. The venue is set at the Istvándy Liget, located on the green border of Káptalantót, an intimate, intimate oasis whose primary function is to provide a worthy place for larger celebrations of friends and family. It is a beautiful place close to nature for the

Istvándy Winery – Káptalantót, Istvándy “Blue Age Era”, Istvándy – Blue-Handled Champagne, Kéknyelű masterclass, Balaton Uplands,blue-skinned wines of Badacsony.

The organizers also provide a special gastronomic experience: the ticket price includes barbecue delicacies. The menu: Gray beef, appetizer, BBQ pork tenderloin, chicken legs fried on coals Blue wine vinegar, green leafy potato salad, Istvándy Kéknyelű, Bonbon. vegetarian food: Cabbage steak with sesame seeds.

The accompanying program of the event is the DJ in the Liget. Dj Ernő Piaf will mix the music for the sunset.

The evening continues with the Kéknyelű After Party from 9 p.m. at the Istvándy Wine Workshop in Badacsony.

Have lunch on the Istvándy Tóti-hegy estate from Noontime (don’t forget to book a table on +36 30 361 8421.

Tickets: The price of the walking tasting is 11,990HUF, which includes 1 BBQ bowl and a tasting of all Kéknyelű wines while stocks last.

Tickets can be purchased through system which will have an extra charge as handling fee.

Bring your comfy picnic blanket and your friends along!


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