“SISI” Queen Elisabeth of Hungary – Operett @ Gödöllő 2021.

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Royal Castle of Gödöllő – Courtyard

Saturday, July 11 and Sunday, 12. 2021.

8 p.m.

Media representatives were invited during the afternoon hours the Gödöllő (The Royal Palace of Gödöllő or Grassalkovich Castle is an imperial and royal Hungarian palace located in the municipality of Gödöllő in Pest county, central Hungary. It is famous for being a favourite place of Queen Elisabeth of Hungary.)…  to view parts of the forthcoming operett with beautiful melodies, witty poems and well-represented characters.

The play is in Hungarian language, yet can easy follow the happenings with the brief contents below:

In brief … Jenő Huszka’s operett is a real piece, strengthening national emotions, imbued with humor and love, about Count Gyula Andrássy, the later Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and Queen Elizabeth (Sisi) ‘s unfulfilled, historically unproven love.

Queen Elizabeth loved the Hungarians, and the people saw her savior in her as well. Zsófia Sisi’s opposition to Princess and her desire for freedom sympathized with the feelings of the Hungarians. At the same time she brought with her disapproval of the Austrian court.

Count Gyula Andrássy trying to find a way out for the Hungarians from the frustrating situation threatening an armed revolution. The man’s fierce admiration and hot love finds reciprocity on the part of the Empress, but their desires are hampered by politics, and their love cannot be fulfilled more than an intimate kiss. Their relationship, as well as Sisi’s love for Hungarians, none-the-less promotes the Compromise. In the operetta can also learn about the story of the encounter between an Austrian man who loves Hungarian culture and mentality and a Burgenland girl looking for a husband, as well as the fulfillment of Queen Elizabeth’s courtesy and the childhood love of a Hungarian revolutionary.

Cast: Sissi (Elizabeth): Victoria Denk, Count Gyula Andrássy: Dániel Árvai, Ida Latkóczy: Elvira Haraszti, Kálmán Neszmélyi: János Szabolcs Kádár, Countess Waldeck: Marika Oszvald, Stefi, his daughter: Szendy Szilvi, Flórián: Kollár Péter Erik, Count Axamethy: General Charles Peller, Ádám Latkóczy: László Egri. The Monarchy Operetta Orchester and Dance Choir. Set designer: Tamás Rákay, Costume designer: Péter Erik Kollár, Musical director: Antal Kéménczy, Choreographer: Edina Szkáli.

Director: Miklós Gábor Kerényi – Kero®

Length of performance: 2 hours 30 minutes with a break.

Ticket Price:  4500HUF  – 8000HUF

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