KAFF 2021 – Animation Film Festival to be held again @ Kecskemét – Hungary


Kecskemét will be again in the spotlight with the animated films organised between

August, 11 – 15. 2021.

 Venue: 21. Liszt Ferenc Street – Kecskemét – Bács-Kiskun County

KAFF is Hungary’s largest animation film festival and definitely awaiting animation film lovers!

Generations grew up on the Hungarian Folktale series, now declared Hungarian which has been seen by 134 million people, screened in 170 countries on the World Wide Web. Here was made the legendary Water Spider Wonder Spiders “Vízipók-Csodapók”, bought by 46 countries and from which generations could learn that both friendship and nature protection are important.

Three Oscars and a César Award are hallmarks of the international productions made here.

Recently, the episodes of “Toldi” have been completed and the 15th Kecskemét Animation Film Festival, which have created, is approaching. This year will also celebrate their own birthday with dignity. Their plans include the launch of a university animator training and the establishment of the

in 1993, where the production of 3D films also started after the turn of the millennium. The then-renowned studio also received a number of international commissions, three of which were Oscar-nominated feature films – the Spanish Chico and Rita, the Irish Kells Secret and the French-Japanese Red Turtle, and the French Loulou and the Amazing Secret César received an award.

The Kecskemétfilm Ltd. is celebrating its 50 years old anniversary which has been directed by Ferenc Mikulás who now is 80 years old feature films and television productions. Ferenc Mikulás decided to establish an international scholarship system. Scholars from Iceland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, the United States, Canada and France came to Kecskemét from the mid-1980s, and local staff were almost the only option to travel abroad at the time.

The latest Hungarian and European animated films are screened every two years. The special feature of KAFF is that it takes stock of the results of the entire Hungarian animation profession of the last two years (Due to COVID19, the KAFF 2-year film festival was not visible). The annimation film festival can be entered by Hungarian artists living anywhere in the world. Also option to join in the European competition to showcases a rich immersion from the latest animated

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