Safe place to visit in-and-around the City of Miskolc

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According to the up-to-date news from Miskolc Tourist Ltd. from January, 15. –  February, 1. 2021., there will certainly be considered restrictive in tourism measures that for the time being make most tourist attractions inaccessible. However, there are many opportunities for those wishing to move out from the closed door in this COVID situation, where safe conditions may in full compliance with the rules enjoy the sights-and-sounds of the winter surroundings, and gain experiences of the mother nature sleeping.

Arriving to the City, recommend head to the Tourist Information Office and pick up your interactive map that will be handy through rolling around  plenty of  offering sites, also adding the history of a venue.  Worth to explore its surroundings even this week-end and/or the coming week-end ahead.

Just a couple of handy tips to visit whilst being at the area Miskolc:

Lillafüred forest small train, Lillafüredi Trout farm, 200-year-old Újmassa precocious building, Bánkuti Ski Center, Petőfi lookout tower, Szentléleki Monastery ruin, Palace hotel, Szinva stream waterfall,
Maple Hill – Oxygen walking path, Our Lady of Pauline Monastery stones, Diósgyőr Castle, Fairy Garden leisure park.

In advance here’s a mood doer to enjoy your visit @ Miskolc in English Language:

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  1. Posted by Chris on 16/01/2021 at 10:07

    I hope this place of beauty is open for inspection for those who don’t mind the cold when there’s something wonderful to visit…Good luck to the lucky ones who can be there .

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