Hungarian Theater Award Ceremony @ Budapest Grand Circus.

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The Hungarian Theater Awards Gala was held for the tenth time on December, 17. 2019 at 7 p.m. This time the venue was at the Municipal Grand Circus. Emphasized theater directors, key members also arrived to be present at the evening’s award ceremony, organized at the Municipal Grand Circus.

The Hungarian Theater Society celebrated for the  tenth time, to express their thanks for standing behind the curtain to the best theater background professions at the Hungarian Theater Award Ceremony.

The awarding Hungarian Theater Society was founded on November, 24. 2008 together with several theaters in the countryside.

The Hungarian theaters Company, founded in 2010 by the Hungarian Theater Award recognizes the professional theater background and their finest theater employees who are committed to the moral and material terms. The award nomination on the basis of at least two state-recognized awards renowned professional theater and theater director nominating a joint proposal. Among the candidates elected to the presidency of the Hungarian theaters Company are award winners, who have received 53 awards throughout the past few years.

The festive gala founder and owner of the idea of the Hungarian Theater Award, Secretary of State for Culture, Peter Fekete  who spoke about the recognition of  unknown yet professional theater individuals. He said: Q.: There is one day in the year when those in the background, who through long days and performances support the play on stage, we should stop for a minute and look back, and thank them this evening, and we applaud them as a sign of our appreciation. This night is their night!”

The award of shaping a gilded ball was awarded to theater background artist from different Hungarian region theaters who had earned by their work, personality and dedication to the Hungarian theater. Half of the prize is paid by the award-winning theater and the other half by the theater companies.

The Lifetime Achievement award was presented to Eszter Felkai member of the Jókai Theater in Békéscsaba together with the award of the Hungarian Theater Society.

This year’s Hungarian Theater Award Ceremony was directed by Antal Tege – actor of the Jókai Theater of Békéscsaba. The artists of the Jókai Theater of Békéscsaba gave an awesome background to the Gala event with also musical programs. In between the award ceremony was stunning circus performances by the artists of the Yakutland Diamond Circus.

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