Celts of Csepel Island – Aquincum Museum @ Budapest

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People of Dragons and Birds – Celts of Csepel Island

Temporary exhibition – Until October, 31.2019.

9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

 Budapest History Museum’s Aquincum Museum

District, III. 139 Szentendrei Road – Budapest

The Ancient and Folk Migration Department of the Budapest History Museum conducted excavations on the northern tip of Csepel Island in the Central Wastewater Treatment Plant of Budapest, between 2004 and 2008, where alongside important prehistoric and early medieval (8th-13th century) finds, and a cemetery was discovered.

Of the 900 archaeological sites, more than a hundred belonged to the Celtic cemetery, whose graves can be divided into skeletal and cremation burials, but within the two large groups there were very diverse burial practices.

However, not only diversity but also chronological differences can be discovered in the diversity of the graves and graves.

According to Celtic beliefs, these burnt, deformed, often purposefully ruined remains would be revived in the afterlife, along with the ashes of the deceased.

What to see: the cemetery divided into three  locations,  finds of the early period, finds of the transition period and beside many items discovering the late period of the cemetery.

Local and foreigners are welcome to this journey to visit back in time the exhibition, to see the prehistoric and early medieval finds left for the visitors of today to stroll along at the archaeological sites.

It is the Season of Fall and not the usual weather that stands for it … still shares its pleasant warmth to visit the Aquincum Museum.

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  1. Posted by Chris Hanlon on 23/10/2019 at 12:22

    What a fascinating insight into a past so forgotten would bring….This would be an incredible experience…..Thanks for the information once again…..Chris

  2. Thanks Chris for dropping your comment and sharing your thoughts. Will be visiting the venue in coming days.

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