Varga Winery – Badacsonyörs – Northern Lake Balaton – Hungary 2019

 At the Varga Winery ended with the harvest, and a lot less than expected this year in Hungary and grapes grown in several European countries. The winery this year worked up “only” 18.5 million kilos of grapes, similar to last year’s 14.5 million, it is expected to throw bottles of wine market. Due to crop failures in Europe and the export volume will grow at least 50 per cent burns.

A beautiful autumn day in fantastic quality vintage matured, some of the early varieties already in the bottle, including a special flavor Irsai Oliver.

The experts were wrong, there was no crisis of overproduction of grapes, fewer than expected grapes were grown in Hungary and in other European countries, so the export of wine also helps to draw off the domestic wine stocks accumulated in the last two years. the National Council of Mountains decided on the so-called “green harvest” support. The point is that the farmers harvest an average of the previous two years approximately. receive against the value calculated at 52HUF compensation if the beginning of July to the ground unripe “harvested” the bunches. The farmers had more wisdom than the managers. We farmers in Badacsony protested against the green harvest in a letter. One of our reasons was that beside many questions in saying, the situation can always be answered only at the end of the harvest Not only in Hungary but also in international markets.

In addition to the drought and over-fatigue plantations decreased, but unexpectedly increased interest from abroad as well. What we didn’t have storage capacity for was the must and our wine exports increase by at least 50 percent said Péter Varga winemaker.

“Year by year, we see the importance of science-based engineering in viticulture,” says Managing Director Péter Varga Máté. “The relationship between plantation condition and quality has been well known for some time. This year has also shown that high-quality, high-quality produce can only be produced on plantations that are in excellent condition. This requires qualified, experienced professionals. In the case of medium ripening and especially late grapes the drought also shades the picture. Early varieties, however, were not affected by drought, where the difference in yield between the individual plantations was created by professional competence. The early varieties are ready, some already in bottles, such as Irsai Oliver with a special flavor, and the middle-aged ones are gone, we can say that all varieties will be better than last year, I hope that in a few weeks I can say the same for all our wines.

Varga Winery Ltd. was founded in 1993 and has 200 hectares of vineyards nationwide.  By measure: 125 hectares are located in Badacsony, 20 hectares in Balatonaliga and 55 hectares in the Eger wine region. The processing plants are located in the Badacsony and Eger wine regions. The winery’s sales in 2018 were close to 5 billion HUF with 186 employees. For more than a decade, Varga Winery sells the most bottled wines in Hungary, which in 2014 was 14 million. Their wines can be purchased in almost all of the chain stores.

Awards, honors: Since its establishment, Varga Winery has achieved its greatest success this year in prestigious foreign competitions; 6 gold medals for the Berlin Wine Trophy, 3 gold for the Vinalies Internationales in Paris, 2 gold for the Monde Selection and 1 gold for the Monde Selection in Brussels.

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