Herald News: “Music in the Forest” – Visit Gyula!

Having second thought where to spend  the coming week-end? May not look any further for those who enjoy being  in harmony with nature because at the City of Gyula awaits children, young adults and elder folks to “Visit Gyula”.

September, 27-29, 2019., the “Music in the Forest”  event starting on Friday at the Körös Rivers valley awaits visitors at the oak-tree jams of the Csigakert. Saturday activities in Gyula – City Forest, the Forest School programs. On Sunday‘s event day, may visit the Bishop’s Bath near Oradea across the border.

The “Music in the Forest” events have for years brought the values ​​of sustainability through the combined power of the forest and music to the Körös Rivers organized by the Bihor County Council, the Oradea Philharmonic, the Bihor County Tourism Destination Management, the Romsilva Bihor County Forestry Directorate, the Oradea Forest Hunting Inspectorate.

During the weekend, visitors will learn about on the woodland walk about the site’s unique flora and fauna, the diversity of the forest community, the features of sustainable forest management, the role of forest-based forest schools in sustainability education and the stress of everyday life. Day-by-Day: Friday in Gyula, Gyula will highlight the importance of city parks in the Csigakert, as these green spaces make the everyday lives of urban people more livable.  Saturday in Gyula – Városerdő, the flood plain forest is covered by Hungarian ash and peduncle oak trees. Sunday in Gyula  at the Bishop’s Bath, the sight of evergreen prickly shrubs a special natural experience to the visitors at the forest theater.

The three-day event features high-quality physical and mental refreshment programs for all family members. Featuring a colorful palette of forest concerts, “Music in the Forest” provides an opportunity to introduce local artists, introduce local values, and perform nationally and world-renowned performers with classical music, folk music and world music at forest venues. – In the City Forest the performance of Bea Palya and János Gerzson.

Forest record show concert from the collection of Béla Bartók in Békés County, featuring Júlia Kubinyi, Balázs Szokolay Dongó and Gyula Rácz. The album was released by DALERD Zrt. and the Muzsikál by the Forest Foundation.

Classical music is represented by the Monarchy Symphony Orchestra, the Cantores Ecclesiae Brass Band and the Intermezzo String Quartet of the Oradea Philharmonic.

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