Friday on your mind … „Kapj Rá„ – „Get it” … Fish … Fish … Fish!

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Halkakas (Fish Bistro)

District, VII., 36. Dohány Street – Budapest

During the morning hours the press individuals were invited to hear about the latest campaign regarding fish consumption in Hungary – namely „Kapj Rá„ – „Get it”

Péter Ondré, Managing Director of the Agricultural Marketing Center and Ferenc Lévai, spokesman for MA-HAL, spoke at the press conference. According to the Agricultural Marketing Center, download of the application can solve different tasks, solve fish and fish related questions, find interesting information about fish, how to prepare fish dishes, and watch recipe videos, said Péter Ondré. In addition, he reported „Kapj rá” “Get it!” has developed a mobile app that users can download for free.

Ferenc Lévai, member of the Hungarian Aquaculture and Fisheries Trade Union (MA-HAL), said, „Kapj Rá” – “Get it!” primary task of the campaign is to increase domestic fish consumption. The campaign highlights the importance of a healthy lifestyle and conscious nutrition, and shows consumers that fish are lagging in the popularity race when the food industry started to market cheap molluscs and covered with breadcrumbs stuffed-processed products from chicken, pork and other meat but not fish. In addition, fish has traditionally been considered the food of the poor, and as a result prosperity has been out of the kitchen by the variety of fish dishes as well. He added that Hungarians eat 5.5-6 kilograms of fish/person/year, while the EU average is around 20 kilograms and the continental record in Portugal the folks eat 56 kilograms/year.

In the future, his goal is to invite customers at least once a week, let’s say marking it on Fridays for fish lovers to eat fish! Hopefully this campaign will go far beyond Budapest and throughout Hungary restaurants will place on their menus Fish Friday  …   „Kapj Rá ” – ” Get it!

At the Halkakas Fish Bistro you are guaranteed the fish ingredients exclusively obtained from Hungary. The bistro only use cooking fresh fish, no deep-frozen. At the end of the press conference individuals were invited onto trays filled with fish delights. The smoked carp pâté, the catfish gyros, the unmatched carp crisps and the carp tempura where all from Hungary’ rivers, ponds and lakes. We swam as fish in the water with the delightful tastes!

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