The Milk 3in1 … Life, Strength and Health

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Milk Interprofessional Organization and Product Council on World Milk Day gathered secondary school  pupil  gathered for a full day playing and call attention to drink more milk. The  winner of the drawing competion was also announced.

Milk production is one of the driving sectors of Hungarian agriculture, which increased by 1 percent last year, to HUF 185.5 billion, and milk processing by 11 percent of food production by nearly 300 billion last year, according to the Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture at MOM Sport garden venue.

Sándor Farkas at the morning press conference on the World Milk Day said: The livestock population in Hungary has increased by 30 percent in the past 8 years, now the cow population is about 403,000. In terms of milk yield, the country is among the first in the European Union (EU), with yields increasing by 10 percent between 2012 and 2012, which was accompanied by an increase in the share of dairy cows in addition to improved genetics and nutrition.

Was at the gathering Laura Kondra, Deputy Chairman of the Hungarian State Treasury. András Kis Péter, spokesman for the National Tax and Customs Office (NAV). Miklós Istvánfalvi, President of the Inter-professional Organization and Product Council (TSZSZT). They also took part in numbering  figures, reported data  from the past year. Underlined the important to the growing up kids their daily consumption of milk.

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