“ELIXINA” purely of Hungarian P1 water.

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The real P1 water, which has already helped Olympic champions, released on the market, already available in half and in one liter size plastic pack.

At the Hotel Moments was held an informative presentation of the effectiveness that holds inside the Elixina P1 water by dr Gábor Fülöp the inventor of technology, also Gábor Horváth – two-time Olympic, triple world and two-time European champion, Attila Ignácz – fitness coach of the K4 team who won a gold medal at 1000 meters in Athens in 2004 and István Pacziga – the exclusive distributor of P1-water. The moderator was Zoltán Szujó.

The positive effects of P1-water have been confirmed by surveys and has been consumed for over years, but has not been available in retail.

Was said by the release of Elixina now available to anyone at an affordable price. It is much healthier than other waters because it can help the body in detoxification, cell regeneration, alkalization and energization. Its energy level is several times higher than that of wired water or mineral water, its optimal mineral content and alkalizing effect when it comes to the proper amount of fluid it helps to achieve a good feeling. In addition, it promotes the long-term hydration of skin cells.

The Elixina is the only water that dr. László Fülöp hallmarked BCS P1 technology. Its smooth, clear taste, can be clearly distinguished from other bottled and tap waters, and it also helps to ensure the vitality of our body at the cellular level.

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