The Art of ZEMA – “Garden of Eden” 2019.

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ZEMA Jewelry House held within the showroom  presenting the latest collection  “Garden of Eden” at the Vajdahunyad Castle just steps from the Hero Square – Budapest.  This time, the ZEMA jewelry collection, inspired by wild flowers in Hungary. The  exhibition  brought the attention to the audience to nearly 400.

The first pieces of Zema Royal’s collection that open a new chapter in the brand’s life, with 18-carat gold brilliantly chiseled porcelain jewelry.

The products of the ZEMA porcelain jewelry house consist of self-designed and executed pieces, which are made by in the family house of the family enterprise. The specialty of the brand is that each piece of the unique form and pattern range praises the work of porcelain-making professionals.

The ZEMA’s own designs, the initial forms are made by sculptors, and then decorated by painters and porcelain painters. The premium quality jewelry is a trademark of 21 carat gold and 23 carat platinum. The brand’s product range also includes the prominent role of Hungarian culture and tradition, which reflects the specific underlying content and purpose of the collections. As a result, ZEMA won the National Value in 2014. In 2017, the domestic brand introduced at the New York Fashion Week.

The ZEMA brand has been well-received at several international exhibitions, such as Birmingham Autumn Fair, JCK Las Vegas and Bijorcha Paris, and has participated in the Essence International Fashion Showcase during London Fashion Week.  ZEMA has also been successful on the Saudi Arabian and Azerbaijan business forum. ZEMA’s international distributors can be found in Austria, England, Romania, Russia, Switzerland, and the Canary Islands.

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