Update …Mini Basilica – live ice-carving show @ Budapest

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District, V. 4-5. Saint István Square – Budapest

On the 6th of April, a special event took place at the St. Stephen’s Square in Budapest:  On that evening was opening  the Platz restaurant with its cozy terrace in the immediate vicinity of the Basilica.

The mini copy of the St. Steven Basilica was formed from a cca. a ton of ice brick sculptured  by  Hungarian Zsolt J. Tóth, and the well-known ice sculptor around the world. The whole formation was viewed on the spot.

The ice sculptor artist in use an ice block almost of 200 kilogram which has to be frozen a week before carving. The life of the statue was said to last counting in the nighttime for cca. 8 to 9 hours and of course the next day daily weather.

During and later on, Tamás Veréb musician-singer and Haida DJ entertained the audiences on the terrace of the n newly opened Platz Restaurant.

This special show attracted many local residents and tourist from around.

Aftermath report/snaps by Aggie Reiter

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