Mary Shelley – Frankenstein – Uránia National Film Theater – Budapest

Mary Shelley – Frankenstein – Uránia National Film Theater – April, 4, 2019. 

Historical film, 120 minutes, 2017., in English with Hungarian subtitles

Biography drama Mary Shelley, originally aka: Mary Wollstonecraft’s Godwin (Elle Fanning), who at the age of 18 created the world’s best-known gothic novel, according to many, the first horror work of literary history called Frankenstein, or the modern Prometheus.

Short description … We are in 1812, and Mary’s father, who is passionate about literature and writing, works at a London bookstore. At the age of 16, he is introduced to a social event by the then-acclaimed poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (Douglas Booth). Mary and Percy then, despite the standards – the man was still married – take on their love for each other and, despite the will of their families, escaped to France, and later they travel to Switzerland at the invitation of Lord Byron (Tom Sturridge). Here is an extraordinary story of Frankenstein, which is influenced by their stormy and passionate relationship. The ghostly story for everyone who meets him has a great impact, but since the society at that time doesn’t really appreciate the female writers, Mary is forced to stand up for her work and her own identity in the face of age.

Projection Sites beside Budapest screening will take place at several cities in Hungary.

Brought to Hungary by Pannónia Entertainment Ltd.

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