“Rings in Water” – (Vízgyűrűk) – Hungarian Folk Art Museum @ Budapest

March, 22. – May, 18. 2019.

10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

District, XI.,6. Fő Street – Budapest

The House of Traditions and the Úľuv Folk Art Center jointly welcomes local, tourists and foreigners staying in Hungary to the opening ceremony  to the “Rings in Water” exhibition.

The “Rings in Water” craft-oriented design competition was announced by the Pozsony Folk Center (ÚLUV) and the House of Traditions undertook professional coordination in Hungary. The subject of the competition is the production of craft works of art, design and art, the design and final material of which are inspired by local, regional and national traditions. This year, designers and craftsmen from the countries of the Visegrad Four have also been able to apply. The aim of the competition was to encourage the development of a craft-based design based on traditional crafts and folk art.

Exhibition will be open by: Mgr. Dana Kľučárová, Phd., CEO of Úľuv

Featuring: Mihály Dresch

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