Giants Invasion – Hungarian Museum of Natural History.



District, VIII., 2. Ludovika Square – Budapest

 February, 28.  – June,16. 2019.

A little tip to spend a remarkable time at one among the biggest models 7 meter “Batmobil” of 900,000 cubes, but there will be a Boeing 747  “Air Force One” aircraft built from one million cubes. The Guinness record-winning Ferris Wheel, the world’s largest cube, will be visible and for many the brilliant figures of Star Wars® zone will bring back their bright memories from the time at the movies.

Arriving from several European multiple locations to Budapest to be present at the Hungarian Museum of Natural History. Fifteen trucks rolling over loaded with the favorite small and large  builders.

Well-known figures from many areas such as: movies, culture, in sports, and fairy tales will be featured. Almost everything are in real life size.

Among the little ones and young kids will like their travel to wonderland … living together with the fairy-tale actors.

Many in the 20th century were raised with fiddling around with Lego bricks, which taught and developed imagination and still to-day do for many kids are their basic toys.

The”Brick Show” is organized by a Polish company, Wystawa Klockow.

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