Czech Film Carnival – Toldi Art Movie – Budapest – 2019

TOLDI Art Movie – Budapest

District, V.,  36-38 Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Rd.

The Toldi Movie is the most modern art-house in Budapest and a popular venue for film festivals and events since 1932 and soon coming to hold its next film festival i.e. Film Carnival  from February, 13. – February, 17. 2019. The traditional Czech film carnival arrives within February as  the month represent the  season of the carnivals. The Toldi Art Movie will be screening the best of contemporary Czech filmmakers movies with the new faces, film debut and genre experimentation.

The Czech movies are the rich harvest of  year 2018  and now offering a menu to choose by being the lovers of the   Czech film to have a pleasant and joyful time at the movies. Probably there are Czech speaking individuals  staying in Budapest on a tour , who have not seen these film at their homeland and for them it may be a good opportunity to layback and watch some of them early evening here at the Toldi Art Movie.

Films are screened in original language with Hungarian subtitles.

The audience can meet the film directors and actors at the end of some of the screenings.

The main sponsor of the Czech Film Carnival is once again the “Staropramen” Prague’s one of the most famous beer in the world.

Tickets can be purchased on the spot at the box office 30 minutes before the first screening takes place. Online booking system is also available on the Toldi Art Movie web page.

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