Fény Street Market Celebrating its 20th Birthday.

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Upon invitation, joined the media to visit the Fény Street Market in Budapest. Presentation was given by Dr. Zsolt Láng – major of district II., celebrating the existence of the 20 years old Fény Street market. At present, 150 stores on nearly 20000 square meters, together with the local government, have more than 60 store owners.  Beside the wide variety offers, charity initiatives, renewed inside paths are welcoming the shoppers. The market is equipped with escalator, elevator, pharmacy, dog-cat feed, butcher, grocery store and countless small farmers who also present their grains, fruits, veggies, grocery, meat, all under one shelter, Easy and handy for elder folks to do their daily shopping.  The Fény Street Market is one of the busiest and most vibrant spots in the II. district and brings together people who have less and less spontaneous opportunities to meet.  Spoke also about the series connected to the 20 years birthday events to come forward such as kids play day, craft works etc. At the market the human connection with the stores individuals the visitors  feel as  they are almost coming home, recipes and cooking tips are exchanged and having fun joking. László Varga – President of the Fény Street Market condominium executive committee.

Two individuals were also on the spot at the 20 years  anniversary’s celebration. The real Fény Street Market shoppers. They both are regular customers at the market for over 20 years. The major handle over a bag to each of one them as to express their thanks for being loyal Fény Str. market buyers.

The media visit ended with  invitation to Betting “Market Mode” on the 1st floor at the “Vince Ételbár” – Vince Food Bar. A bunch for lunch … homemade meat products! Bet will not be on my own with the fine assortment of meats and delicacies which were simply heavenly. The told that all the dishes cooked and served here are actually her family’s favorite meals, so thought why not have them here at the Fény Street market. These home-made foodies, sweet cakes, soups … of course Gulyás soup … speak for themselves. For those who are looking for a place where they can taste the “Real Hungarian Home Made” flavors, should not miss to go for it at the market. Feel the hospitality and superb food at a neat place. The place is open from Monday to Friday from Noon till 5 p.m. Week-end closed. Lunchtime often gets really full with locals and foreigners.  Raw meat products and warm meat as sausages can be purchased on the ground. Gourmet customers will not be able to withstand from the delicious home-made food!

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