Wholesale Market Night – Budapest – 2018

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This was the second time the Wholesale Market Night was held on June, 20 in Budapest. Last year, there was a press event on the 25th anniversary of the Wholesale Market. The media representatives also were invited to attend to the Market Night Event to visit the wholesale stores, open-air stands on the market.  A short press conference was held by  Zoltán Házi – director – Budapest Wholesale Market Ltd., saying Q.: ”First have to say …It’s an organized chaos! The Budapest wholesale market is the biggest in the country where the product offer of the growers and wholesalers is meeting the demand of the retailers six days a week. Fresh vegetables and fruits, citrus-type fruits, mushroom, egg, honey, canned products, preserved food, sweets, refreshments can be continuously purchased through the year. The market is open also for the everyday consumers, but the sale is done in commercial quantity units only. The market can be entered by both the growers and customers …retailers, wholesalers, institutions. The produce directly supplied by growers coming from almost every part of the country makes up almost 50% of annual sales. The 35-hectare Wholesale Market in Budapest sells about 500,000 tons of vegetables and fruits annually, and is the largest in the country where six days a week meet the demand of the retailers. Fresh vegetables and fruits, citrus-type fruits, mushrooms, eggs, honey, canned products, preserved food, sweets, refreshments can be continuously purchased throughout the year. The Budapest Wholesale Market Ltd. is a member of the World Union of Wholesale Markets and the CEI – Wholesale Markets Foundation. The market is also open to the consumers, but the sale is done only in commercial quantities units”

We have visited the banana maturation land with Ecuador climate …  Hungary is not banana-producing country but with the ripening containers large deposit tons of bananas are awaiting to reach consumers after it matures. Was shown the difference in 5 to 7 days, what color difference is achieved in the case of raw import fruit. Rolling around the market visited the producer sector, which included the open-air market where producers are already offering their goods. Another highlight visiting the unique products from overseas around the world was at the stand of Péter Somogyi – managing director of Virtual Fruit Ltd.  A special place to purchase vegetables, fruits, herbs out of season throughout the year. In particular,  the tray of edible flowers and pea-sized colorful deadly strong peppers  captivated the attention of media individuals,  also the countless of hardly known at this part of the world  assort of spices and  veggies kept in the cooler.  Undoubtedly, the Virtual Fruit Ltd. is not only for eyes but for high quality restaurants serving special needs and last but not least extra exclusive culinary lovers.

Charity cooking was out on the spot where invited Márk Lakatos – Hungarian stylist, show director, fashion journalist and Anikó Nádai – in Hungarian Reality Show joined the night at  the Wholesale Market Show.

The public visitors were taken on a two-hour tour started at 6 p.m. centered around the most exciting spots on the market. The purpose to visit  the night at the market was to find out how the goods are brought from here to the market halls or groceries before shopping them to take home and place fresh vegetables and fruits on the table or in the fridge. The night closed with a fireworks.


Update snaps, video Aggie Reiter

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