Air Race F1 @ Budapest – 2018

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Monday’s press conference called to the forthcoming Air F1 competition Zsolt Gyulay – President and CEO of Hungaroring Sport Ltd. pointed out that in addition to the Formula 1  the Red Bull Air Race is one of the best advertising and tourist attractive event in the Hungarian capital city.

Clemens Jaeger –  Director of Competition, recalled that they had to react to weather conditions in Budapest for two years and had to make quick decisions. He added that water was competing, but over-river flying in a downtown area requires a different attitude from the organizers and the pilots.It is not easy to turn a man-made downtown into a motor sport ground.

Michael Goulian – World Cup currently leading pilot Q.: “When in Budapest it’s like being winning in Monaco in F1 and it feels like that when you are here. It’s a momentous week, you sits here right now and know you are going to fly underneath it, you know it is Peter’s home town which is pretty cool. It is a magical place and when the wheels touch down on an airliner you know your about to embark at a special week. Really our aim in one way is simple, and in another way very difficult … so when you look at it, it is very simple what we have been doing this year, the difficulty part is to try to keep your emotions in check, knowing you’re doing so well and your team is clicking, so for me is just to relax, put one foot in front the other, we know that we have a great team, we know we are flying well. You can’t force a win but you have to put yourself in a position to win. That’s the idea!  We put ourselves in the  position to win  the last 3 race, we only won 1 out of those 3 in front, but we’ve been on the podium all 3 of those 3 times. So that is the idea, just try to be on the final on Sunday, fly a really solid lap and let everybody else try to beat you. It was very warm day on the 2009 finals, as it is today.”

Péter Besenyei  (a.k.a Godfather of Air Race) in the year 2000 he flew for the first time under the Chain Bridge.“In the last 18 years 180 times at organized various events. “At the Red Bull WC was 20 times under the bridge. Between the Bridge and the River Danube is 8-9 meter gap  flying in a speed of 300kms/h … must be assessed to determine the appropriate distance in advance in the head when already leaving the start point” … so he said. His combination of classic aerobatics and personal items of one-of-a-kind of improvisation. He stopped officially at the age of 60 years. As for his return, he said Q.: „If someone locks the door behind him, no need to strain … you have to open other doors. Now has the time come to start to car racing, playing piano, fishing, wine party. Now working, manufacture one new aircraft, this secret now have plenty to do. In Budapest as last year and the year before I flew on the track each year. It’s interesting to see that once a year being on the air track again is as if I just left it, I do not feel nothing has changed. Old joke is new for every newborn… but it may be that is only a saying …Why is a propeller at the front of the plan? It is in order to cool the pilot in front, but when the propeller stops, the pilot immediately begins to sweat.”

At the press event was also announced that will be accompanying programs this weekend. There will be a Wakeboard show on the River Danube, referring to the Russian Football World Cup, is freestyle football, and as there will be car traffic in the city center, those wishing to run can take the streets on Sunday from 8 a.m.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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